first_imgFamily accommodation in Croatia makes up about 70.000 accommodation units, which is almost 50% of our tourism, and thus everything speaks of its importance and potential for our tourism. It is through family accommodation that Croatian tourism has its specificity and added value. However, each business segment has its own problems and challenges, so in family accommodation, if you are not present on the Internet, you are simply not competitive and you put your business in danger in the long run.It is no longer just important to be on various booking sites, but it is imperative to better position your accommodation offer. In the whole forest of business in family accommodation, from unsubscribing and registering guests, managing the administration, positioning ads on booking pages, replying to emails – the hosts are lost, ie it is no longer enough to stand by the road and offer your accommodation, but it becomes a serious daily business. The purpose of every company is to solve customer problems, and just to alleviate all the above troubles of the entire business in family accommodation a little more than a year ago, Rentlio appeared on the domestic market – a system for automating small businesses in tourism.Marko Mišulić from Zadar noticed that there is no advanced technological solution on the market that would unite the entire business in family accommodation into one online system and thus significantly simplify and alleviate the everyday problems faced by hosts in family accommodation, so he gathered a team and developed Rentlio application. I talked to a young entrepreneur Marko Mišulić about its system that eliminates stress and administration to all renters.Rentlio is a system for automating the operation of small facilities in tourism. The app was launched in beta in October 2014, while the commercial phase began in March 2015. ” Rentlio is an autopilot for renters. We offer everything you need to automate the entire business of the facility in tourism. From the reservation management system and the facility itself, sales channel management and calendar synchronization of various online reservation systems, to segmenting the guest database to facilitate planning of marketing activities, issuing and fiscalization of invoices, guest registration in eVisitor, etc. We totally eliminate all administration from the daily life of renters and automate a whole range of operational processes that have so far been a nightmare for all renters ”- Mišulić points out and adds that before the development of Rentlia, they tried all other available applications, mostly developed abroad, which were expensive, without a focus on the user, and not harmonized for the needs of Croatian renters.Today, passivity is punished, the position on booking portals and marketing should be dealt with, and the Rentlio tool is crucial here, because we automate all recurring tasks, Mišulić points out, adding that he paid special attention to statistics and the database: ” Through the Rentlio system, the landlord knows exactly what his target groups are, how much they pay for accommodation on average, when they come, what their preferences are and all the other details about their guests. This is very important for planning marketing activities. The landlord must proactively move towards the market, because in the global race, proactivity is the only thing that distinguishes filled accommodation facilities from those that are less filled ”- Mišulić points out and adds that they are focused on small, ie facilities in family accommodation, although they also have users among smaller hotels and hostels.Rentlio as proof that software for the domestic market can be developed in Croatia as wellIn the third month, Rentlio celebrated its first anniversary on the market and as Mišulić points out, for now they are more than satisfied with the results. “All users who activated their subscriptions a year ago have continued to use our system this year as well. This shows how people are very satisfied with our system and service. The average monthly growth in the number of paid users in 2016 is 26%, and 91% of users use Rentlio every day, which shows how our application has become an indispensable tool in the daily business of facilities. Our biggest reward is that the growth in the number of users is based primarily through the channel of recommendations of our existing users. ” This year, the goal is to network 2.000 accommodation units, and in the long run they want to become a platform in tourism that will be much more than just an app. With the organic growth of users, the number of employees is also growing, and Mišulić claims that the greatest success, as they have proven, is that business can be developed in Croatia and Zadar. “We have increased the number of employees from two to five so that we grow healthily and organically. I am very proud to be proof that it is possible to develop software for the domestic market in Croatia as well. Everyone said that it was impossible, we not only sell it but also export it, since Rentlio is used in 6 other European countries, apart from Croatia ”- Misulic points out”Landlords, ie hosts have accepted the global review game imposed by booking services” Marko MišulićSince they are in contact with the landlords in Rentli every day, I was interested in what is the situation on the ground in the family accommodation? Are there any changes back in the last few years and what are the new apartments coming to market? “There is a lot of room for improvement in family accommodation. From our experience, all new apartments that come to the market or accommodation units in family accommodation are of high quality and there are no more bad apartments. People have become aware that the market is very dynamic and that you can no longer sell the same service as 10 to 15 years ago ”- Mišulić points out and adds that renters are slowly realizing the need for professional photography, modern design as well, presentation on the Internet and systems such as Rentlio.It is certainly good, because it is a picture of our tourism that we send outwards, and a good voice is heard far away. For years, family accommodation was somehow left to itself and developed by inertia, ie private investment without a plan and strategy. However, in the last few years we have witnessed various educations, seminars and forums with the aim of raising the quality of family accommodation. Have renters finally accepted the fact that they have to get involved in the global game and be present online? ” The landlords, ie the hosts, simply accepted this global review game imposed by the booking services. Everything today revolves around online marketing, reviews and how to position an ad in the eyes of global reservation services. I think the “old” renters also realized that it was high time for a change. The market is evolving day by day, the apartments are of increasing quality and definitely positive competition is pushing the market forward ”- Misulic concludedRentlio is a great entrepreneurial and tourist story that solves all the problems of the hosts in family accommodation in a simple and practical way. In my opinion, Rentlio is a tool without which any serious host cannot or should use. After all, see for yourself and try Rentlio free and without obligation for 30 days. As they say from Rentlia, get rid of stress and administration and focus on the guest and sales.last_img

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