first_img…or severed?Oh well! Your Eyewitness predicted it would happen, didn’t he? The Government announced that the oil sector, now the largest chunk of our “Natural Resources – and growing uncontrollably, like Topsy! – won’t be under “Nassau” Trotman’s portfolio. But when this newspaper announced the AFC/PNC insider was “stripped” of authority over oil, the MoP got their drawers all into a knot and demanded a retraction!!Now your humble Eyewitness is always ready to learn from anyone, no matter how idiotic they may sound initially. Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings and all that! So he immediately rushed to his trusty dictionary (well nowadays, he just hits the search key on Google!!) and there was the accepted meaning of “Strip”: deprive someone of (rank, power, or property) – “the lieutenant was stripped of his rank”;  synonyms: “take away from someone, dispossess someone of, deprive someone of, confiscate, divest someone of, relieve someone of.”So wasn’t Nassau “deprived” of the power to deal with matters concerning oil? Just like that time he was “deprived” from the leadership of the AFC and immediately announced he was retiring from politics because he’d suddenly developed an (undefined) life-threatening illness?  Of course he underwent a miraculous cure when PNC-leader David Granger offered him the Speakership over AFC’s nominee Moses Nagamootoo. But that is neither here nor there! Except one would want to know if the miracle occurred before or after “Nassau”!!So is it a semantic objection to the verb “strip”?? Would “deprive”, “denude”, “dispossess”, “divest”, “decorticate”, “hive off” etc, be more acceptable? But we know what’s going on here, don’t we? The word “strip” suggests the powers over oil were taken away against Nassau’s will – as in “wrest”. But the line the PNC want’s to push is Trotman himself came up with the idea to “slough off” (?) what’s now the most critical power in Guyana!! So he’s not quite the ogre the big, bad media’s making him out to be!! Look how he’s sacrificing for the greater good! Ooooo!But that’s the rub, isn’t it? Why would Nassau want to jettison (?) his oil authority if he were doing such a fantastic job?? After all he did DOUBLE the royalties and locked down that MASSIVE bonus, didn’t he?? But dear reader, your Eyewitness did say it was simply a feint to remove Nassau from the firing line and it’s all a “cock”, didn’t he? And he advised we look at what’ll unfold.Well, it’s even worse than your (jaded) Eyewitness feared. One fella in the know says the PNC leader will have his nephew run the oil agency!!A new Baby Jesus and it ain’t even Christmas!!…to the buffHow’d you know the measure of a man? Not by what he declaims from a stage…but by what he does in unguarded moments. Or when he loses his cool. Take the erstwhile Public Security Minister and Vice President of our fair Republic – Khemraj Ramjattan. At the function to honour the departing COP whom he’d just sandbagged by revealing the man has asked himself for a gun-dealer’s licence – he was asked about the details. Ramjattan finally ejaculated, “Haul yuh ass!!” That evidently shocked the assembled media corps who’ve now demanded an apology.There is a God!! When this same Minister routinely answered reporters from this newspaper by the same, low-life, low-down expression, no one gave a hoot. Well now they’re getting a taste of the fetid medicine – and some more! Seems some stronger “words of excrement” were hurled earlier at a senior reporter, and he’s all miffed!Your Eyewitness looks at these things contextually. Firstly, Ramjattan was under strain after his rejection by his “fellow” Berbicians.Then, he’s just a bottom feeder!!…of I and ISome unkind and ignorant folks are snickering at (now) former CoP Seelall writing to himself for that gun and gun dealer’s licence.Don’t they realise I-man always refer to himself as “I and I”??last_img read more

first_img…by IMF about oil moneyThe IMF, like most international agencies, work with governments, and as such, have to be diplomatic in their pronouncements. So when they warned the Government not to rush into spending the oil money when it starts flowing in 2020, they couldn’t come out and bluntly say it’s because they’ve concluded most of it would be “siphoned off” into the pockets of friends, families and contributors of the Government! So they instead said the “management systems” need to be improved!!Now, this “management system” to deal with pilfering from the public purse was introduced since the beginning of the new millennium. It’s called the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP), and was in place when the PNC and its soulmate, the AFC, accused the PPP of “siphoning off billions and billions”. So, after three years in office – and innumerable audits — the Government hasn’t closed any loopholes there might’ve been, that allowed the said pilferings??Well, clearly, the IMF doesn’t think so…and from the amount of chicanery going on at all levels, the people also KNOW so. A billion here (D’Urban Park Stadium) and a billion there (pharma contracts) and pretty soon you’re talking about real money!!And the two circumstances – the drained treasury and the coming money spigot – aren’t unrelated. The latter has caused the former. The Government types are so excited about the oil money – and more to the point, what they’ll do once they get their grubby little paws on it – they’ve let the present economy go completely to the dogs. We’re sliding fast into what everybody and their uncle warned about once oil was struck – Dutch Disease. But don’t tell that to the Government. It’s all about getting a (big) piece of that oil money.Now, on the spending, several Government big ones are talking about plunking the money into “infrastructure”, but we’re getting mixed signals on this. The Finance Minister’s talking about PPP – naaah, not their political nemesis, but Public/Private Partnerships — for mega infrastructural projects, but others are pushing the oil money. After what the Government’s doing on the first PPP Guyana tried – the BBCI — they’re whistling in the dark if they think anyone will partner with them!! So we’re back to the oil money.Now, everyone with the least experience with oil has pushed the idea of a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) to receive the windfall funds and invest them wisely, then using the returns for development. But the Government will never go for this. Why? They won’t be able to get their sticky fingers on the money!!…about the Case of the Vanishing Haitians and CubansBack in the day – after Columbus and his cohorts had “discovered” the West Indies — within half a century, the native Tainos and Kalingas (Arawaks and Caribs) had disappeared. And that, of course, is why most of us were brought in to fill the (labour) deficit. But it seems like history’s repeating itself in our dear old Guyana – in which the only significant population of “Indigenous Peoples” survived, but with a twist.Here, it’s been discovered that since the Government took office, thousands of Cubans and Haitians have entered Guyana and suddenly DISAPPEARED!! What’s going on? No one seems to have an answer — especially the Minister of Immigration, who seems to disappear every time questions are asked on the subject! Is there a Black Hole somewhere in Guyana that’s drawing the folks into our country and sucking them into an alternate universe?Or is it payback time for the original genocide?Surely, it can’t be related to padding the electoral rolls?!…addressedYour Eyewitness may’ve earned a reputation for being a cynic on governmental operations. But never let it be said he refused to give credit where – and when – credit’s due.The just-opened up West Coast Highway is of First World standard!!last_img read more

first_img…up the PNC ladder?After a marathon counting exercise of just 828 votes, which took almost 8 hours, Volda Lawrence was elected Chairman of the PNC/R. While it may seem your Eyewitness is a “male chauvinist pig” for calling Ms Volda a “Chairman”, he’s only going by the designation in the PNC’s Constitution. Maybe Lawrence, as the first female Chairman, can initiate steps to make the position more gender neutral. Obviously, even though the Constitution was revised in 2009, it doesn’t appear up to then that a woman might become “chairman”.But what exactly does the Chairman do, to generate such a spirited fight for the position?  Under Rule 20, “FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES OF THE CHAIRMAN”, the PNC Constitution declares a bit sketchily: (1) “The Chairman shall preside over, and be responsible for, the conduct of the meetings of Congress, General Council and Central Executive Committee, and may (be assigned) other duties by the Central Executive Committee. (2) The Chairman shall also represent the Leader on such occasions and at such functions as the Leader may direct.”That doesn’t seem to warrant any big sturm and drang, does it? But it all becomes clear when one looks at Rule 19 (1), which stipulates: “If the office of Leader becomes vacant due to death, incapacity, resignation or other circumstance, the Chairman shall assume the functions of the Leader for the time being.” With Granger just reminding us he’s seventy-three (remember him giving away 73 bicycles for his last birthday?)…biblical-minded persons like Volda in the PNC would know he’s now exceeded his “three score and ten” allotment.But the PNC elections were interesting for other reasons than whether Granger might be kicking the bucket anytime soon – and thus raising the question of succession. There was the stinging rebuff of Attorney General Basil Williams, who received a measly 183 votes as opposed to 346 for Lawrence and 287 for Joe Harmon! Williams had used his bully pulpit to flaunt his “bully” credentials, which he obviously thought made his a “real” PNCite.Was Lawrence’s trouncing of him suggesting her less confrontational approach was more acceptable to the delegates? They remembered her implicit reprimand to “I is” Broomes’s Basil Williams-like bullyism? Personally, your Eyewitness had placed his bets on Joe Harmon, who appears to be quite a pragmatic fella – a useful quality in a fractured society like Guyana! But he was “double-banked”!!However, at long last women — always the backbone of the PNC — are insisting on some recognition for their critical party work. The first Vice-Chairman was also a woman – who trounced old-time, rough-and-tumble PNCite Aubrey Norton.Sadly, the male leader remains constitutionally paramount over all!! Next time?…to FloridaYour Eyewitness saw Andre Russel express frustration over the Tallawahs “home games” scheduled in Florida. He complained it felt like playing in Guyana!!But with 300,000 Jamaicans in South Florida, why not bring them out to the ball game??last_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,Last Thursday afternoon, on my way to pick up my children from their school which is located in Subryanville, Georgetown I encountered quite a hullabaloo on Sheriff Street with heavily armed City Constabulary ranks milling about, lots of heavy-duty construction equipment and machinery present an the demolition of a section of a business underway.Leading the charge of this ‘break down’ exercise was none other than the Town Clerk Royston King, surrounded by a retinue of bodyguards and other municipal officials. This was the second time I had such a revolting experience, as not so long ago, I also witnessed first-hand a similar destructive exercise again personally led by King, that time it was removal and proposed cutting up of some swimming pools that were located on Ixora Avenue in Bel Air Park.My first question is why does King, the Administrative Officer of the Council, find it necessary to take charge of everything personally? Should such an exercise, if deemed necessary, not be supervised by the City Engineer and/or the Head of the City Constabulary or their subordinates? Why does King like to micromanage so much?Does he have a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), or is he sending out a message to the businesspersons that ‘the buck stops at him’ in the most literal sense and therefore they have to talk to him and no one else for their salvation.My second question is why are they being so selective in correcting purported faults in the city, when there are dozens of very glaring faults and breaches in each and every ward of the city for years now. This is discriminatory and counter-productive. By their own admission they said through large full page and full colour fancy newspaper ads that they would be tearing down 52 derelict buildings which are in a ruinous state and pose a danger to occupants and members of the public beginning October 5 last year. They may have pulled down two with the remaining 40 waiting to crash to the ground injuring and killing the occupants and innocent passers-by. Maybe they don’t have an axe to grind with the owners of those buildings or the owners come to an amicable settlement with certain officers of the Council. By the way, we don’t see any of the Council’s ruinous buildings, including City Hall appearing on that list of 52, but they should.But isn’t this present City Council willing to stop King from usurping the responsibilities, mandate and authority of many of the Council’s senior officers, such as those of the City Engineer, Medical Officer of Health, Clerk of Markets, etc, in this march of madness? Or will they allow him to continue running around town, chasing vendors from one place to another, selectively breaking down structures, building presidential parks, putting down parking meters on streets that are not even under the purview of the Council, increasing fees, fines, rents and taxes.They are failing the citizenry that elected them!Sincerely,Debra Gibsonlast_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,Please allow publication of this letter.Dear Mr President,I do hope that you will give due regard to my concerns raised in this letter, and I am positive that you will do everything in your power to bring resolution to grievous wrong being done to a pitiable calf, which has been impounded at the #51 Police Station for the past four months.This matter has been ventilated in the press by means of various letters and articles, but despite assurances given by the Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Police Force, no progress has been made to alleviate the sufferings of this poor animal. Everyone in the Police Force is cognizant of the plight of this calf, including the Public Security Minister, yet the matter is now becoming an embarrassment.Some Berbicians are questioning the ability of our law enforcement to deliver a good service when such cruelties to animals are being perpetrated by the very people who are supposed to afford protection. There are many instances when animals have died in the pounds due to thirst and starvation. Only recently, two goats died at the Albion Police Station. The atrocious conditions and the refusal of the Police to feed these animals are quickly transforming these pounds into slaughterhouses.I am living at Skeldon, and I would normally travel to #51 Police Station in order to feed and water this animal when Mr Harbhajan, the PM’s Representative of Region 6, is unable to do so.Your Excellency, this is not a ‘disputed animal’, as the Public Relations Officer claimed in the Press; this calf was struck down by a motorcar driver, and only his mirror was broken, while the cow calf suffered a broken back leg. No one was injured, and no one has since come forward to claim the animal. To date, it remains in the sun and rain, and not to mention the season of mosquitoes.I beseech you, Mr President, to use your executive power and free this calf. I saw you feeding the baby elephant in Kenya, and I conclude that you love animals and that you are a kind, compassionate and humane person.Yours sincerely,Leila Hazell-Bhudiallast_img read more

first_imgDon’t miss out on the latest news and information. LATEST STORIES SEA Games 2019: PH’s Eumir Marcial boxing middleweight semi final (HIGHLIGHTS) PLAY LIST 03:27SEA Games 2019: PH’s Eumir Marcial boxing middleweight semi final (HIGHLIGHTS)04:07SEA Games: John Marvin 1st Filipino boxer to crash out, bows to Vietnam bet02:11SEA GAMES 2019: PH’s Nesthy Petecio boxing featherweight final (HIGHLIGHTS)02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award03:05Malakanyang bilib sa Phivolcs | Chona Yu “It was a hard shot but I went to the corner and they asked me and I said it was no big deal,” Alvarez said. “I continued with the fight. What do you want?”Alvarez, the red-headed Mexican sensation, earned $35 million for risking his titles against Jacobs, a Brooklyn fighter who held a piece of the middleweight crown himself. He got another $1 million from the purse of Jacobs after Jacobs weighed in too heavy the day of the fight.Jacobs had weighed in at the class limit of 160 pounds at the official weigh-in on Friday. But the two boxers had agreed in their contract not to weigh more than 170 pounds Saturday morning and Jacobs weighed 173.6.Alvarez was aggressive from the opening bell, throwing punches with intent while Jacobs was content to try and fight from the outside while backing up most of the time. Neither fighter landed any sustained flurries, but Alvarez had more snap to his punches and landed them with more consistency.By the middle rounds, Jacobs was switching from conventional to southpaw and back again, trying to find a rhythm. But Alvarez kept moving his head and making Jacobs miss, and often found him with a counter.The two traded punches on several occasions, and Jacobs landed his biggest punch with a left hook in the ninth round that got the attention of Alvarez.Alvarez (52-1-2) had lost only once in his career, dropping a decision five years ago to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a fight he acknowledged later he was not ready for.He entered the ring a 5-1 favorite over Jacobs (35-3-1), who narrowly lost his own fight with Triple G in 2017. Jacobs, who beat the odds by beating cancer in 2011, had vowed he would beat them again by beating Alvarez but it was not to be.“I got the short end of the stick,” said Jacobs, who insisted the week of the fight that he was not worried the judges would be influenced by the pro-Alvarez crowd of 20,203 at the T-Mobile Arena on Cinco de Mayo weekend.Alvarez was already guaranteed $35 million as part of his reported $365 million deal with DAZN, the streaming platform that has contracts with several top fighters. He got the flat fee instead of the usual share of pay-per-view proceeds because the fight was offered on DAZN for the cost of a subscription. James Harden, Rockets outlast Warriors in OT “He’s a pot shotter,” Jacobs said. “I felt I did enough to get the victory.”The judges didn’t, though, largely because Alvarez was more active early and was the more aggressive of the two fighters. Alvarez built a lead early, winning the first five rounds on one scorecard and four of the five on the other two.But Jacobs seemed to find himself midway through the fight and roared back to make it competitive on the scorecards. He won the 12th round on two of the three scorecards.Alvarez, a 5-1 favorite at fight time, was tested but did enough to win in a fight that had no knockdowns and no serious fouls. Neither fighter ever appeared badly hurt, though Jacobs landed some of the bigger punches in the late rounds.That included the left hook in the ninth that seemed to shake Alvarez, if only for a moment.ADVERTISEMENT Two ringside judges scored it 115-113, while the third had it 116-112. The Associated Press scored it 115-113 in favor of Alvarez.“It was just what we thought,” Alvarez said. “We knew it would be a difficult fight. We just did our job.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGolden State Warriors sign Lee to multiyear contract, bring back ChrissSPORTSCoronation night?SPORTSThirdy Ravena gets‍‍‍ offers from Asia, Australian ball clubsJacobs, who lost $1 million out of his purse by not making the contracted weight the morning of the fight, was clearly bigger than Alvarez and landed perhaps the biggest punch of the fight in the ninth round when he connected with a left hook.But Alvarez was fast and quick and kept Jacobs off balance with his movement as he won a narrow decision in the same arena where he fought to a draw and a close win over Gennady Golovkin. Phivolcs: Slim probability of Taal Volcano caldera eruption Golovkin sat ringside for the fight, which set up a possible third bout with Alvarez, perhaps in September.“I’m here in Vegas because I want that fight,” Golovkin said.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Eduard Folayang gets new opponent for ONE Manila card LeBron James stretches lead in NBA All-Star Game fan votingcenter_img The Witcher series prompts over 500,000 reprints of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books Gretchen Barretto’s daughter Dominique graduates magna cum laude from California college Will you be the first P16 Billion Powerball jackpot winner from the Philippines? Pagadian on tighter security for 100,000 expected at Sto. Niño feast Duterte says he will appoint Gamboa as next PNP chief Canelo Alvarez, left, of Mexico, fights Daniel Jacobs in a middleweight title boxing match Saturday, May 4, 2019, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)LAS VEGAS — Daniel Jacobs was bigger. Canelo Alvarez was better — but not by much.Alvarez added another title belt to his collection Saturday night by winning rounds early and outboxing Jacobs in their middleweight showdown to take a close but unanimous 12-round decision.ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard View commentslast_img read more

first_imgTennis royalty Djokovic, Federer, Nadal primed to tighten Wimbledon grip Day 3 medalists for Philippines with PSI president Lani Velasco and team coach Sherwin Santiago. Photo by Celest Flores-ColinaPHNOM PENH—The Philippines doubled its gold medal output from last year after a strong finish in the 43rd Southeast Asia Age Group Swim Championships Sunday at Morodok Techo National Sports Complex here.Highlighted by the golden swim of the quartet of Mishka Sy, Desirae Mangaoang, Samantha Banos and Mia Tandingan in the girls’ 4×100-meter medley relay in day 3, the Philippines concluded the swimfest with eight gold, 13 silver and nine bronze medals, good for fifth place.ADVERTISEMENT 11 nabbed for shabu, drug den busted in Maguindanao View comments Steaming fissures on Taal Volcano Island spotted Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese once again led the three-day meet with whopping 43 gold, 41 silver and 25 bronze medal haul. Thailand (28-18-30) and Singapore (11-16-16) finished second and third, respectively.Brunei, host Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar failed to make it to the medal board.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next This is the Filipinos’ best finish in the 10-country swim meet since their 13-10-12 gold-silver-bronze medal haul in the 2010 edition held in Laguna. They wound up with a 4-10-16 tally last year.Some of this batch’s strongest girls swimmers, Sy, Mangaoang, Banos and Tandingan were ahead from start to finish and wrapped up the 4×100 race in 4:19.25 for the Philippines’ first relay gold in the tournament history.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGolden State Warriors sign Lee to multiyear contract, bring back ChrissSPORTSCoronation night?SPORTSThirdy Ravena gets‍‍‍ offers from Asia, Australian ball clubsMangaoang, the Fil-American swimmer who is representing the country for the first time, came out as the Philippines’ most bemedaled athlete after she also nabbed the gold— her third —in girls’ 200m breaststroke with a time of 2:34.38. She took home a silver in the 100m breaststroke on Saturday.Swimming in his last age group meet, the 18-year-old Jerard Jacinto also made it a golden double after ruling the boys’ 16-18 50m backstroke event at 26.40. Taal evacuees make the most of ‘unusual’ clothing donations, leaves online users laughing Will you be the first P16 Billion Powerball jackpot winner from the Philippines?center_img Deandre Ayton shines as Suns pound Knicks MOST READ Jacinto, who swims for De La Salle-Zobel, though, rued the missed opportunity to beat the meet record in the 100m backstroke event last Monday.“It’s a bit of mixed emotions. I’m happy and kind of sad because I was really aiming for the meet record, especially in the 100m back, and my personal best is already that, but I had a lot of errors,” said Jacinto. “But I’m still so thankful that I won the gold.”Ivo Enot, who on Saturday broke an 18-year old 13 and under national record in the 200m backstroke, plucked a silver in the boys’ 13U 50m backstroke with a clocking of 29.86.Liaa Amoguis also got a second silver medal after tapping the wall at 2:29.81 in the girls’ 13U 200m  butterfly swim.Tandingan earlier swam to another bronze medal with a time of 58.90  in girls’ 14-15 100m freestyle while Banos, who has a two silvers, added a bronze to her showing after registering 2:20.15 in the 200m butterfly.ADVERTISEMENT Olympic rings arrive in host city on barge into Tokyo Bay Duterte lambasts Catholic Church anew in curse-laden speech before Filipino Baptists Ukrainian prime minister resigns after recordings published LATEST STORIES SEA Games 2019: Comaling gives PH another gold in modern pentathlon PLAY LIST 01:06SEA Games 2019: Comaling gives PH another gold in modern pentathlon02:39PH’s Josie Gabuco boxing light flyweight final (HIGHLIGHTS)00:50Trending Articles00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award03:05Malakanyang bilib sa Phivolcs | Chona Yu01:26Homes destroyed after Taal Volcano eruptionlast_img read more

first_imgNow the right thing must be done to cool all hearts. And Liberia Basketball Association President Rufus Anderson has agreed to do just that.Hence, the January 28 date set for the elections for the leadership of the association has been scrapped.Information reaching the Daily Observer yesterday with stakeholders and the administration, with the Liberia National Olympic officials ended with Anderson administration agreeing to do things right.“Mr. Brown recommended to the administration to scrap the January 28 elections,” said an insider who was at the meeting, “and take necessary measures to promote goodwill.”President Anderson accepted the recommendation to carry out the necessary things, he said. “There will be a new date, after Congress.”“At the Congress the administration is expected to outline its activities for the last four years,” he added.The Anderson administration will also provide a financial report, explaining what funds were received from either the private or government; how much was spent and what contracts were signed.The next step, he said, “will be the setting up of an Independent Elections Commission.”The Commission, without the administration’s influence, “will then produce guidelines about eligibility for interested candidates for the various positions.”The LNOC is the mother body to all federations and associations and it has major influence upon them.“The LNOC sponsors periodic clinics to develop athletes and coaches as well as officials,” admitted another observer who was at the meeting, “and hence its officials are very straightforward when it comes to proper administration.”Until the cancellation of the elections yesterday, the Liberia Basketball Association had released detailed guidelines, including fees for positions from president (U$500); vice presidents for administration and operations, (U$400 each); treasurer, (U$300); Financial Secretary, (U$300) and chaplain (U$200).“It was not released by an elections commission,” the Daily Observer was told yesterday, “and as a result it was clear that some club members would be unhappy.”Though the guidelines emanated from the LBA, they quoted in several places election rules by the Federation of the International Basketball Association, (FIBA).It was learned that 14 third division basketball teams, including Destiny Kings, Star 1, Island Clippers, Bong Shooters, Island Calves, Buchanan Braves, Harbel Tappers and Mamba Point Legends did not take part in last season’s league.“Surprisingly,” another insider hinted, “they were qualified to vote despite being irregulars.”The cancellation of the January 28th election may be a major blow to incumbent Rufus Anderson whose administration has already seen a crack in its unity, with its financial secretary claiming financial impropriator.“It means that eligibility status will be announced by the future Elections Commission and not the LBA as it was done,” our source said. Now with a new eligibility status, it means the surprise that the administration had expected can no longer hold.And this provides other candidates who were apparently told were ineligible another opportunity to join the race.“As far as I’m concerned,” said one club president, “we are aware of those who are capable to lead the LBA and therefore it does not make sense to introduce rules to deny potential candidates a chance to give their support to basketball.”This is so because, like football, basketball owners are simply investing their resources in players without returns for their investment. “We must welcome those who are desirous to see a better basketball,” he said.Another added, “We love the game and want to make sure that it survives and develops to take its proper place in Liberia.”That sounds interesting, but with Anderson not ready to go down so easily, the new rules or eligibility and internal discontent may prove his undoing in the end.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgMadam Wayor Tipayson, an executive of the Civil Society Working Group on Land Rights, says the continued delay to pass the Draft Land Rights Act is hindering communities’ ability to effectively protect and manage their customary lands.Madam Tipayson also observed that the delay was preventing communities from fully participating in national development.She made the comment over the weekend when she addressed journalists in the conference room of the Search for Common Ground, a local non-governmental organization.According to the CSO executive, the Act was presented to the National Legislature in 2014 for their consideration and ratification, but despite two public hearings and a number of consultations, the lawmakers went on their annual break without passing the Bill. Article 32 Section 2 states that “customary ownership is automatically formalized, with or without a deed. The moment the Land Act passes into law, customary land rights will be legally protected where the existence and ownership of customary land shall become enforceable and the effective passage of this Act.”However, Madam Tipayson alleged that the lawmakers’ failure to meaningfully address the Act “clearly demonstrates that they were prioritizing the interest of other groups over their own people.”“Indeed,” she said, “while the Legislature is currently on its annual break, the longer it takes to pass this act (would leave) the local communities vulnerable to continually suffer from land tenure insecurity, including large scale land transactions and potentially unlawful land grabs.“We are of the conviction that the Act, if enacted, provides a perfect opportunity whereby Liberians of all categories will for once enjoy rights and titles to land inhabit peace, democracy, development, and social progress.”This, according to her, will minimize the numerous land conflicts that the country continues to experience because the rights and opportunities in the document were guaranteed under the Act.She urged the National Legislature to pass the Act when they resume their duties, and to ensure passage of the core provisions of the document, which defends customary and other provisions that guarantee rights to land ownership.“We want you people to see our campaign as a platform for you to engage your lawmakers to (fulfill their promise concerning) ownership of customary lands,” she said while asking for the cooperation of the public.“It is about time that we use our diversity to stand for a cause that will improve the lives of our people and build our nation,” declared Madam Tipayson.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgAlthough the name Clement Tweh may not be familiar to most Liberians, if one were to Google his name, almost every entry that pops up links his name to the first nationwide chimpanzee survey or conservation research in Liberia. Clement is an up and coming Liberian conservationist whose work on Liberian endangered chimpanzee species has resulted in several scholarly presentations and publications. The most recent of these was his poster presentation at the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) and the 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology (ECCB) held from August 2-6, 2015 in Montpellier, France.The meeting which was jointly sponsored by The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) with Agropolis international and the French Foundation assembled conservation professionals from the international community to deliberate conservation challenges and “present new findings, initiatives, methods, tools and opportunities in conservation science and practice. “ The meeting also served as an opportunity to welcome young researchers like Clement, scientists and conservationists from around the world.Clement attended the meeting, with sponsorship from ArcelorMittal Liberia, and did a poster presentation entitled “Evaluating conservation needs in a West African biodiversity hotspot and an Ebola epicenter? The presentation was rooted in his claim that although Liberia was featured on international news prominently during the Ebola crisis, it has not received the international attention it deserves as a “regional conservation priority.” The grounds for this claim stem from his continued work in underscoring the threats to the endangered chimpanzee population in Liberia and his attempts to assess the socio-economic impact of Ebola and its effects on the “human livelihoods and society.” The aims of the research therefore were: to assess chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes versus) population status in Liberia, identify future conservation needs, quantify attitude changes towards bush meat consumption and meat preference in response to the recent Ebola outbreak and identify socio-economic factors that may influence these changes.There were several important conservation and environmental issues concluded in this study. First, the study showed that Liberia ranks second only to Guinea in chimpanzee population. Guinea recorded 17,751 chimpanzees while 7008 were recorded in Liberia. Although Liberia is home to the second largest chimpanzee population, the chimpanzees in Liberia are the least projected populations in West Africa, our chimpanzees are the least protected.In addition the study concluded that Liberia‘s current Proposed Protected Area (PPA) needs to be revised because they only partially overlap with current chimpanzee range, and under their current status would offer minimal protection for the endangered species. PPAs are areas that will be protected in the future. Clement argues that 70% of Liberia’s chimpanzee population occurs outside these proposed areas and therefore declaring those areas as PPAs will not help to conserve the chimpanzee population.Lastly, the data from the socio-economic survey will scaffold the efforts of Liberian institutions in implementing effective conservation management and providing human populations with the ecological services they need.In 2013 at the 13th Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Primatologie (GFP), University of Hamburg, held in Germany, Clement in collaboration with several of his colleagues delivered a presentation “Closing the data gap: results of the first chimpanzee and mammal survey across Liberia”. Through funding from ArcelorMIttal Liberia’s Biodiversity Conservation Program, he also studied at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, in Leipzig, Germany. Clement is also a member of the World Chimpanzee Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is registered in Switzerland and aims to enhance the survival of the remaining wild chimpanzee populations and their habitat in the tropical rain forests throughout Africa.When asked about his passion for his work and its impact, Clement had this to say: “The impact of my presentation and published article has a great impact in providing the first scientific and systematic data on Liberia’s wildlife for several years, and letting the world know that despite the effects of Ebola on Liberia, the country is still rich in biodiversity that is essential as a conservation priority.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more