CNET Interpret, a March 23rd International Reporting marketing research company, reported that gamers played video games more than retail figures.

Interpret’s Gameasure report comes as game makers attract advertisers. Advertisers are looking for new ways to connect with young men, who spend a lot of time playing games, and less time to watch online tv. "Retail numbers represent only a fraction of the players playing games," said Michael, CEO of

Interpret, in a statement, suggesting that in-game ad transactions underestimated the value of the media. The report shows that advertisers should take into account the impact of groups playing game players, game rentals, second-hand game sales, game sharing.

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conforms to the W3C standard is the development trend of the website at present, almost all browsers use the W3C standard, W3C standard to ensure your site have obtained consistent performance in all major browsers, you no longer need like that at the end of 90s, to a different browser output different content.

W3C has a number of standards, and there are HTML, XHTML, and CSS for website construction. For these standards, you can refer to the following article or resource:

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this year, the new line of some hard management of the site, I almost have tracking observation, see how others operate a media, one to my own learning, for a year after the foundation of entrepreneurship. Secondly, I will write what I see is worth studying and write it down and share it with our grass roots webmaster. The first thing I’m going to talk about today is tiger sniffing. This site is a hot spot in the TMT field for the past six months.


tiger sniffing network launched in May 2012 I have paid attention to this website, first not talk about the function and content of the website, first talk about how I know this website, and why I decided to focus on this website. I don’t remember in which science and technology blog Links point to the tiger sniffing the network, a starting point in feel disdain, is a technology blog, this technology blog similar too much, I do not have a good impression on them, the reason is very simple because the technology in most excited blog I’m not interested, but their contents are similar. read more

for the owner, the importance of traffic is self-evident, and because people already on Taobao more likely to have network clearing means, so Taobao station traffic is more important to the store owner. Well, what are the Taobao web traffic matching rules,


often asked me how the Taobao station traffic matching rule is, how can enhance some popularity, a number of business opportunities?.

through a number of surveys and depth data analysis, I summed up the understanding of Taobao shop traffic matching rules: read more

said, "today is a time when experience is king, not at all.".

consumer who may have felt today, consumers’ right to speak more and more strong, if you are doing well, soon if you are word of mouth; do well, will soon be condemning. All this is inconceivable in the past. But today, everyone can publish information, everyone’s voice, even weak, can always be heard. In the Internet age, the success of the product, the user experience has become a key, the user bought your product, not with you to end the transaction. On the contrary, when the user picks up your product when using your product, user experience tour began, and the user experience is good, will directly affect your reputation, affect your sales. read more

is now due to the domestic market of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial environment have become very good at the same time, local governments are also actively build business platform for people, so to attract a lot of Taiwan and Taiwan entrepreneurs to venture and investment.

19, the thirteenth Jiangxi Taiwan (Yichun) economic and trade cooperation and Cultural Exchange Conference (hereinafter referred to as the thirteenth Yichun) will be opened in Jiangxi province. The opening ceremony, the leaders of Jiangxi province Yichun Taiwan youth entrepreneurship base awarding, provide more solid for Taiwan youth to Jiangxi entrepreneurial opportunities and stage. read more

once talking about the sales staff, in the impression that many people should be able to feel very able to say, as far as it depends on the fly is not a sure thing. However, the success of the sales staff must be able to make customers feel tricky, so as to achieve a higher transaction volume. So, how to make customers feel reliable sales?

if the salesman can also empathy, stand in the customer’s point of view, we can find that there are many ways to guide customers to complete the transaction. Among them, let the customer feel in contact with you, you say is very reliable, will let customers trust you. read more

January 20th, the provincial Office of the director of civilization held. The meeting summed up the province’s spiritual civilization construction work in 2014, arranged for the construction of spiritual civilization in 2015. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda department, the provincial civilization committee director Gio de Maja attended the meeting and made a speech.
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in the first quarter of this year, the province’s investment and consumption of two carriages together force, collaborative pull to promote the steady growth of the province’s economy. At the end of March, the province’s total fixed asset investment 19 billion 988 million yuan, representing year-on-year growth of 12.8%; the province’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 16 billion 405 million yuan, up 10.8% over the previous year.

since the beginning of the year, facing the hitherto unknown downtown pressure on the economy, the provincial government regulation, more precise force, set the power of the province to take measures to promote the steady growth of investment. Provincial Development and Reform Commission resolutely implement the provincial government decision to deploy, led the convening of the two investment and key projects will be scheduled, early arrangements, early deployment. At the same time, the timely issuance of the province’s investment in key projects and responsibility, a quarter to the key project of the division of responsibilities, preliminary work responsibility arrangement and PPP project to promote the work of responsibility, clear the list of items and a list of responsibilities at every level, layers of implementation. On this basis, the provincial key office also opened a special fund, the project focused on the allocation and the existing problems, on-site supervision of Xining, Hainan, Haidong, Haibei, Huangnan and other key areas, to further accelerate the construction of key projects. At the end of March, the province’s 170 key projects to the rate of 72%. read more

"tolerance and warmth of the masses of ethnic minorities, has become the biggest driving force for the development of our roots here." The 42 year old Lu Deqing is the Eastern District of Xining City neighborhood of the Salesian Salar residents, located in the East District of Zhuang road runs a beef noodle shop, although it was past the morning peak of the meal, but went to the restaurant to eat the customer is still in a continuous line, Lu Deqing busy awfully. Two years ago, in order to improve the living conditions of families, he with his family from Xunhua Salar Autonomous County in the city of Xining, in the local government and the community support and help, through several years of hard work, the Lu Deqing family has been integrated into the city life. read more

In January 9th, north of the city of Xining district held during the Spring Festival holiday price control conference, will strictly control the vegetable varieties zero slip, the implementation of measures, the highest price premium subsidies, the Spring Festival to ensure the stability of market price.

during the Spring Festival holiday, according to the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission on the examination and verification of main vegetables trading wholesale prices, and set the zero slip, Chengbei district development and Reform Bureau will promptly announce the main varieties of vegetables wholesale price and retail price in the market, publicity prominently, and the implementation of the price tag system. read more

Small and micro enterprises to become the focus of national and provincial, Xining support, the rapid development momentum. January to July, Xining 1594 newly registered enterprises, operating income of $77 billion 100 million. Among them: 36 billion 700 million yuan of medium-sized enterprises, small enterprises of $35 billion 100 million, micro enterprises 5 billion 300 million yuan. During the year is expected to add 1000 small and micro enterprises in Xining, operating income, the number of employees grew by more than 10%.In order to make read more

In September 22nd 2015, the reporter from the "New Silk Road sail" stars concert press conference was informed that in October 24th, Wang Feng, Shira, Wowkie Zhang, Jiangyangzhuoma, Ya Dong, Ze Wan Ram, South Korea men’s team, South Korean female group and other stars will gather in Ninghai West Lake District of Qinghai Sports Center, the passion of singing, let me in the masses the door to enter the palace of art, feel the charm of music.

another year of graduation season, many students are faced with the problem of employment. The face of a large number of positions on the market, many students embrace a cavity enthusiasm, hoping to respond to the call of the country, into the wave of employment and entrepreneurship. At the same time, many local governments have also given strong support. So, how to promote employment and entrepreneurship in Dazhou?

recently learned from the Dazhou Municipal Employment Bureau, this year, Dazhou college graduates, vocational graduates is expected to reach 48 thousand. Face downward pressure on economic structure, further adjustment of status quo, the city community sector planning ahead, as the initiative to "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as an opportunity to vigorously implement the "six action" to boost entrepreneurship, the full employment of College graduates. read more

We have successfully created the National Health City, national forest city circle, National Model Green City, excellent tourist city China, these a gilded signboard has really in his hand. In the process of access to these honors, we mobilize the whole party, political participation, mass work, although efforts, but in unity and hard work together to tackle the creation process, we sang a way to harvest, the environment continues to improve, and gradually improve the image of the city, the quality of the people constantly to improve, people get more benefits, cadres training, formed a distinctive feature of the creation of Xining spirit, this is our work to create the most valuable wealth. As long as we continue to promote the creation of Xining spirit, insist the goal is not to relax, continue to tackle not slack, the national civilized city struggling to sprint, run the "last mile", will be able to win the final victory. read more