first_img Related Three new Ironman European Tour events will open registration on Monday 11 October 2010. New events added to the European tour include Ironman 70.3 Mallorca-Alcudia, Ironman 70.3 Pescara and Ironman 70.3 Galway.For information, or to register for each event, click on the links below:Thomas Cook Ironman 70.3 Mallorca-Alcudia (Spain) Ironman 70.3 Pescara (Italy)Ironman 70.3 Galway (Ireland) www.ironman.comlast_img

first_imgMerriam city leaders will begin discussions this month on possibly renewing a quarter-cent sales tax that funds street and stormwater projects.The city of Merriam is taking first steps to discuss the option to renew a sales tax that funds street and stormwater improvement projects.A 10-year 1/4-cent sales tax to fund street and stormwater projects has been in effect since January 1, 2011 and sunsets Dec. 31, 2020. The council must decide if it will place renewal of the tax on a mail-in ballot in a spring 2020 election.The Merriam council agreed on Monday to discuss the possible sales tax renewal in a special work session in August.Funds generated from the 1/4-cent sales tax can only be used for street and stormwater improvements in the city. City staff reported that the sales tax has generated $14.2 million to date, and projected the tax will generate a total of $17.3 million by the time it sunsets.“We’ve been able to use that money to help us get grant funding for projects, which has allowed us to do $38 million worth of improvements,” said Assistant City Administrator Meredith Hauck. “That’s been a huge benefit for our residents.”Hauck added that Merriam has a pull factor of 4.76: About 80 percent of all retail sales come from non-residents. The pull factor is likely high because of the large number of car dealerships being built and upgraded in the city.“For every dollar of sales tax the city brings in, visitors to our community fund about 80 cents of that,” Hauck said. “So of the $17 million we’ve brought in from this quarter-cent sales tax, our residents have actually paid only about 20 percent of it. That’s one of the reasons we like to look at the option to do sales taxes in Merriam, is because of the benefit of the pull factor.”Merriam voters in 2000 first approved two five-year 1/8-cent sales taxes — one for streets and stormwater projects and one for downtown infrastructure improvements. In 2005, voters renewed both sales taxes in a combined 5-year 1/4-cent sales tax for streets and stormwater improvements.Some major projects the sales tax has funded include $3.03 million in improvements to the Shawnee Mission Parkway Bridge over the BNSF railroad tracks, $2.89 million in drainage improvements of Meyer Creek, and $2.58 million in upgrades to 75th Street from East Frontage Road to Switzer Road.If the city council agrees to move forward with placing a sales tax renewal on a spring 2020 mail-in ballot, city staff would begin distributing information on the sales tax renewal to Merriam residents this September. The city council would then consider renewal language in an October meeting and vote whether to place the renewal on a mail-in ballot in early 2020.“We’ll need to know the outcome of that election before we start our 2021 budget conversation next spring,” Hauck said.If the sales tax renewal is approved by voters, the city would begin collection of the renewed sales tax on Jan. 1, 2021.The Merriam council’s special work session takes place Aug. 26 in the upstairs community training room in city hall, immediately following the council meeting. The work session is open to the public, but public comment is not permitted.last_img read more

first_imgA Kansas City, Kan., police officer is recovering after being shot in the arm around 4 p.m. Tuesday in Overland Park, following a vehicle chase along County Line Rd.Nancy Chartrand, a public information officer for the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department, says the officer was in pursuit of a vehicle that had been involved in at least one hit-and-run incident in Wyandotte County.The chase occurred along westbound 47th Street (or County Line Rd.). The suspect then turned southbound onto Conser Street, entering Overland Park.“Our officer stopped and ceased pursuing him,” Chartrand said. “At the same time, that suspect’s vehicle stopped in front of the officer, the suspect got out, and they exchanged gunfire.”The suspect then returned to his vehicle and sped away.A KCK Fire Department ambulance transported the officer, who was shot in his left forearm, to the University of Kansas Hospital.Police and investigators at S. 42nd Street & Metropolitan Avenue in KCK, looking north to Strong Ave. where the suspect vehicle was found in a Dollar Tree parking lot. Photo credit Mike Frizzell.Chartrand says the officer’s injuries are not life-threatening.Officers later located the suspect’s vehicle abandoned in a parking lot at South 43rd Street and Strong Avenue in the Argentine neighborhood in KCK. Officers surrounded the area and searched with a K-9 unit, along with assistance from the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department’s helicopter and troopers from the Kansas Highway Patrol.As of Tuesday evening, Chartrand said the suspect had not been located. No suspect information has been released.“Our officer is obviously going to recover, which is the best news possible,” Chartrand said. “I think that today’s incident just shows that officers, while they have a very important job, it’s a very dangerous job.”Police have not released the name or age of the injured officer. Chartrand says he has been with KCK Police for nearly five years, after transferring from another department.The Johnson County Multi-Jurisdictional Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Team has been tasked with investigating the shooting.last_img read more

first_imgFamily accommodation in Croatia makes up about 70.000 accommodation units, which is almost 50% of our tourism, and thus everything speaks of its importance and potential for our tourism. It is through family accommodation that Croatian tourism has its specificity and added value. However, each business segment has its own problems and challenges, so in family accommodation, if you are not present on the Internet, you are simply not competitive and you put your business in danger in the long run.It is no longer just important to be on various booking sites, but it is imperative to better position your accommodation offer. In the whole forest of business in family accommodation, from unsubscribing and registering guests, managing the administration, positioning ads on booking pages, replying to emails – the hosts are lost, ie it is no longer enough to stand by the road and offer your accommodation, but it becomes a serious daily business. The purpose of every company is to solve customer problems, and just to alleviate all the above troubles of the entire business in family accommodation a little more than a year ago, Rentlio appeared on the domestic market – a system for automating small businesses in tourism.Marko Mišulić from Zadar noticed that there is no advanced technological solution on the market that would unite the entire business in family accommodation into one online system and thus significantly simplify and alleviate the everyday problems faced by hosts in family accommodation, so he gathered a team and developed Rentlio application. I talked to a young entrepreneur Marko Mišulić about its system that eliminates stress and administration to all renters.Rentlio is a system for automating the operation of small facilities in tourism. The app was launched in beta in October 2014, while the commercial phase began in March 2015. ” Rentlio is an autopilot for renters. We offer everything you need to automate the entire business of the facility in tourism. From the reservation management system and the facility itself, sales channel management and calendar synchronization of various online reservation systems, to segmenting the guest database to facilitate planning of marketing activities, issuing and fiscalization of invoices, guest registration in eVisitor, etc. We totally eliminate all administration from the daily life of renters and automate a whole range of operational processes that have so far been a nightmare for all renters ”- Mišulić points out and adds that before the development of Rentlia, they tried all other available applications, mostly developed abroad, which were expensive, without a focus on the user, and not harmonized for the needs of Croatian renters.Today, passivity is punished, the position on booking portals and marketing should be dealt with, and the Rentlio tool is crucial here, because we automate all recurring tasks, Mišulić points out, adding that he paid special attention to statistics and the database: ” Through the Rentlio system, the landlord knows exactly what his target groups are, how much they pay for accommodation on average, when they come, what their preferences are and all the other details about their guests. This is very important for planning marketing activities. The landlord must proactively move towards the market, because in the global race, proactivity is the only thing that distinguishes filled accommodation facilities from those that are less filled ”- Mišulić points out and adds that they are focused on small, ie facilities in family accommodation, although they also have users among smaller hotels and hostels.Rentlio as proof that software for the domestic market can be developed in Croatia as wellIn the third month, Rentlio celebrated its first anniversary on the market and as Mišulić points out, for now they are more than satisfied with the results. “All users who activated their subscriptions a year ago have continued to use our system this year as well. This shows how people are very satisfied with our system and service. The average monthly growth in the number of paid users in 2016 is 26%, and 91% of users use Rentlio every day, which shows how our application has become an indispensable tool in the daily business of facilities. Our biggest reward is that the growth in the number of users is based primarily through the channel of recommendations of our existing users. ” This year, the goal is to network 2.000 accommodation units, and in the long run they want to become a platform in tourism that will be much more than just an app. With the organic growth of users, the number of employees is also growing, and Mišulić claims that the greatest success, as they have proven, is that business can be developed in Croatia and Zadar. “We have increased the number of employees from two to five so that we grow healthily and organically. I am very proud to be proof that it is possible to develop software for the domestic market in Croatia as well. Everyone said that it was impossible, we not only sell it but also export it, since Rentlio is used in 6 other European countries, apart from Croatia ”- Misulic points out”Landlords, ie hosts have accepted the global review game imposed by booking services” Marko MišulićSince they are in contact with the landlords in Rentli every day, I was interested in what is the situation on the ground in the family accommodation? Are there any changes back in the last few years and what are the new apartments coming to market? “There is a lot of room for improvement in family accommodation. From our experience, all new apartments that come to the market or accommodation units in family accommodation are of high quality and there are no more bad apartments. People have become aware that the market is very dynamic and that you can no longer sell the same service as 10 to 15 years ago ”- Mišulić points out and adds that renters are slowly realizing the need for professional photography, modern design as well, presentation on the Internet and systems such as Rentlio.It is certainly good, because it is a picture of our tourism that we send outwards, and a good voice is heard far away. For years, family accommodation was somehow left to itself and developed by inertia, ie private investment without a plan and strategy. However, in the last few years we have witnessed various educations, seminars and forums with the aim of raising the quality of family accommodation. Have renters finally accepted the fact that they have to get involved in the global game and be present online? ” The landlords, ie the hosts, simply accepted this global review game imposed by the booking services. Everything today revolves around online marketing, reviews and how to position an ad in the eyes of global reservation services. I think the “old” renters also realized that it was high time for a change. The market is evolving day by day, the apartments are of increasing quality and definitely positive competition is pushing the market forward ”- Misulic concludedRentlio is a great entrepreneurial and tourist story that solves all the problems of the hosts in family accommodation in a simple and practical way. In my opinion, Rentlio is a tool without which any serious host cannot or should use. After all, see for yourself and try Rentlio free and without obligation for 30 days. As they say from Rentlia, get rid of stress and administration and focus on the guest and sales.last_img read more

first_imgEmail Pinterest The differences in what men and women look for in a long-term partner have narrowed to a degree over the course the last two decades, but overall mate preferences continue to reflect evolutionary principles, according to a study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science.According to theory in the often-controversial field of evolutionary psychology, men and women are attracted to different traits in the opposite sex because of differences in effective reproductive strategies. From the evolutionary perspective, men’s primary challenge is to identify a mate who is physically capable of bearing healthy children. Therefore, men tend to be attracted to indicators of fertility, including youth and aspects of physical beauty related to good health (such as an even skin tone and facial symmetry). From the same perspective, women’s main concern is identifying a mate with the ability and desire to provide for the material safety of her children.As a result, women are thought to be attracted to men with signs of social and economic security (such as status and wealth) and physical traits related to the ability to be economically productive (such as strength). A number of major studies have found sex differences in mate preferences reflecting these predictions, but it has also been suggested that these differences have grown smaller over time as a result of growing gender equality. Two psychologists from the University of Amsterdam, Jens Bech-Sorensen and Thomas Pollet, sought to study changes in sex differences in mate preference by replicating a classic study in evolutionary psychology. The original study, published in 1994, assessed differences in men’s and women’s preferences for marriage partners on 12 dimensions (such as age, attractiveness, and sexual experience) in a large nationally-representative US sample. The new study revisited the same questions twenty years later in a sample of 522 US residents recruited on the internet.The extent of sex differences was significantly smaller in the new sample than in the old sample on four dimensions. Men were more likely than women to be willing to marry someone 5 years or more younger than themselves, and also more willing to marry someone earning less money than themselves, in both 1994 and 2014, but the size of both of these gaps was smaller in 2014. In 1994, men were more likely than women to say they would marry someone of a different race or to marry someone with less education than themselves, but by 2014 there were no differences between men and women on these dimensions.Sex differences increased on only one dimension. Women were more likely than men to say they would marry someone who had previously been married, while there had been no difference between men and women on that dimension in 1994. The largest sex differences at both times were for age and employment preferences, with women continuing to prefer older and employed mates, and men continuing to prefer younger mates.The study authors conclude that evolutionary factors continue to influence how people choose long-term partners, but that social change has probably influenced them as well. While the debate over applying evolutionary principles to human mate selection will continue, the evidence is growing that both biology and culture play a role determining what people find attractive.“Our findings are in line with the argument that evolved mate preferences exist, while also highlighting that these preferences are likely malleable to socioeconomic temporal trends,” the researchers concluded. Share on Twittercenter_img Share on Facebook Share LinkedInlast_img read more

first_imgShare on Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn Email Sharecenter_img “Zika can clearly enter the brain of adults and can wreak havoc,” says Sujan Shresta, a professor at the La Jolla Institute of Allergy and Immunology. “But it’s a complex disease–it’s catastrophic for early brain development, yet the majority of adults who are infected with Zika rarely show detectable symptoms. Its effect on the adult brain may be more subtle, and now we know what to look for.”Neuronal progenitorsEarly in gestation, before our brains have developed into a complex organ with specialized zones, they are comprised entirely of neural progenitor cells. With the capability to replenish the brain’s neurons throughout its lifetime, these are the stem cells of the brain. In healthy individuals, neural progenitor cells eventually become fully formed neurons, and it is thought that at some point along this progression they become resistant to Zika, explaining why adults appear less susceptible to the disease.But current evidence suggests that Zika targets neural progenitor cells, leading to loss of these cells and to reduced brain volume. This closely mirrors what is seen in microcephaly, a developmental condition linked to Zika infection in developing fetuses that results in a smaller-than-normal head and a wide variety of developmental disabilities.The mature brain retains niches of these neural progenitor cells that appear to be especially impacted by Zika. These niches–in mice they exist primarily in two regions, the subventricular zone of the anterior forebrain and the subgranular zone of the hippocampus–are vital for learning and memory.Gleeson and his colleagues suspected that if Zika can infect fetal neural progenitor cells, it wouldn’t be a far stretch for them to also be able to infect these cells in adults. In a mouse model engineered by Shresta and her team to mimic Zika infection in humans, fluorescent biomarkers illuminated to reveal that adult neural progenitor cells could indeed be hijacked by the virus.“Our results are pretty dramatic–in the parts of the brain that lit up, it was like a Christmas tree,” says Gleeson. “It was very clear that the virus wasn’t affecting the whole brain evenly, like people are seeing in the fetus. In the adult, it’s only these two populations that are very specific to the stem cells that are affected by virus. These cells are special, and somehow very susceptible to the infection.”Beyond fetal brain infectionThe researchers found that infection correlated with evidence of cell death and reduced generation of new neurons in these regions. Integration of new neurons into learning and memory circuits is crucial for neuroplasticity, which allows the brain to change over time. Deficits in this process are associated with cognitive decline and neuropathological conditions, such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease.Gleeson and colleagues recognize that healthy humans may be able to mount an effective immune response and prevent the virus from attacking. However, they suggest that some people, such as those weakened immune systems, may be vulnerable to the virus is a way that has not yet been recognized.“In more subtle cases, the virus could theoretically impact long-term memory or risk of depression,” says Gleeson, “but tools do not exist to test the long-term effects of Zika on adult stem cell populations.”In addition to microcephaly, Zika has been linked to Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare condition in which the immune system attacks parts of the nervous system, leading to muscle weakness or even paralysis. “The connection has been hard to trace since Guillain-Barré usually develops after the infection has cleared,” says Shresta. “We propose that infection of adult neural progenitor cells could be the mechanism behind this.”There are still many unanswered questions, including exactly how translatable findings in this mouse model are to humans. Gleeson’s findings in particular raise questions such as: Does the damage inflicted on progenitor cells by the virus have lasting biological consequences, and can this in turn affect learning and memory? Or, do these cells have the capability to recover? Nonetheless, these findings raise the possibility that Zika is not simply a transient infection in adult humans, and that exposure in the adult brain could have long-term effects.“The virus seems to be traveling quite a bit as people move around the world,” says Gleeson. “Given this study, I think the public health enterprise should consider monitoring for Zika infections in all groups, not just pregnant women.” Concerns over the Zika virus have focused on pregnant women due to mounting evidence that it causes brain abnormalities in developing fetuses. However, new research in mice from scientists at The Rockefeller University and La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology suggests that certain adult brain cells may be vulnerable to infection as well. Among these are populations of cells that serve to replace lost or damaged neurons throughout adulthood, and are also thought to be critical to learning and memory.“This is the first study looking at the effect of Zika infection on the adult brain,” says Joseph Gleeson, adjunct professor at Rockefeller, head of the Laboratory of Pediatric Brain Disease, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. “Based on our findings, getting infected with Zika as an adult may not be as innocuous as people think.”Although more research is needed to determine if this damage has long-term biological implications or the potential to affect behavior, the findings suggest the possibility that the Zika virus, which has become widespread in Central and South America over the past eight months, may be more harmful than previously believed. The new findings were published in Cell Stem Cell on August 18. Share on Twitterlast_img read more

first_imgEmail Share Pinterest Share on Facebook Share on Twittercenter_img Researchers at the University of York have shown that small alterations to a person’s appearance, such as wearing glasses, can significantly hinder positive facial identification.The research has the potential to contribute to future policies concerning photo identification, such as drivers’ licences or passports, where an individual has to be matched correctly to their image in order to inform important security decisions.Psychologists showed participants a number of faces in various ‘natural’ poses, similar to images seen on Facebook or other social media sites, and asked them to decide whether each pair of images showed the same person or not. Images were shown in three categories – pairs of faces that wore glasses, images where neither wore glasses, or only one image wore glasses. LinkedIn In cases where both of the faces wore glasses or where neither wore glasses, accuracy was around 80 per cent. However, when only one of the two faces wore glasses, performance was approximately 6 per cent lower, a statistically significant decrease.Dr Robin Kramer, from the University of York’s Department of Psychology, said: : “The question of whether the inhabitants of Metropolis could be realistically deceived by Superman’s simple disguise has been rumbling since the comic books first arrived on the stands, but the question becomes a serious one when applied to real-world security issues.“When a security guard checks a passport photo against the person standing in front of them, they do not have the luxury of familiarity with that face, as Lois does with Superman/Clark Kent. This is something we wanted to investigate further, because we know from previous studies that people are relatively poor at matching faces in various guises when the person is unfamiliar to them.“We also know from prior work that it is easier to match passport-style photos together when the facial expressions and poses are the same. Here, we investigated unfamiliar face matching, showing participants two unconstrained faces of strangers, with and without glasses, and asked whether the images are the same person or two different people.”The results suggest that people generally find it difficult to correctly match unfamiliar and uncontrolled face images, but they are significantly worse when glasses are worn by only one of the faces.Co-author, Dr Kay Ritchie, from the University of York’s Department of Psychology, added: “In real terms, glasses would not prevent Lois recognising that Clark is in fact Superman as she is familiar with him. For those who do not know him, however, this task is much more difficult, and our results show that glasses do disrupt our ability to recognise the same unfamiliar person from photo-to-photo.“We hope that this research can be used by legal authorities to help inform future policies on identification for security purposes, particularly in the UK where individuals who normally wear glasses are required to remove them for their identification cards.”The research, Disguising Superman: How glasses affect unfamiliar face matching, is published in Applied Cognitive Psychology.last_img read more

first_imgShare this on WhatsApp CDEMA sets US$3M targeted budget for hurricane season Eastern Caribbean bracing for strengthening Tropical Storm… Sep 26, 2018 Sep 19, 2018 Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines bracing… Sep 13, 2018 Tropical Storm-force winds nearing the Leeward Islands Sep 26, 2018 An 11:00 am Advisory has put the Centre of Tropical Storm Isaac at 14.9 North, 61.8 West or about 50 miles (75 km) South West of Dominica.  Isaac is moving away from the Eastern Caribbean Islands and into the Caribbean Sea at near 20 mph (31 km/h).  The maximum sustained winds are 45 mph (75 km/h) A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect for Dominica, Martinique and Guadeloupe and a Tropical Storm Watch for Antigua/Barbuda, Montserrat, St Kitts/Nevis, Saba, St Eustatius, St Martin and St Maarten. Share this:PrintTwitterFacebookLinkedInLike this:Like Loading… You may be interested in…last_img read more

first_imgThe bars show the number of diagnoses in Northern New Mexico versus day, and the line shows the seven-day average. Northern New Mexico is defined here as the aggregate of Colfax, Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, San Miguel and Taos counties. Source: New Mexico Department of Health. Created by Eli Ben-Naimlast_img

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