first_img 77 Comments Short URL Sunday 29 Jan 2017, 8:30 PM Jan 29th 2017, 8:30 PM Anonymous Share1129 Tweet Email18 center_img 21,924 Views THE PROUDEST DAYS of my life were, without doubt, the days my three children were born. I was a natural at being a father. I embraced each and every moment and gave my all. I was an involved, hands-on dad from day one.My family was complete. I was so happy. We led a normal, happy, busy life. I worked hard and we had a decent enough lifestyle. The children were happy. They did the normal activities and they did well at school. However, my world fell apart when I started to notice personality changes in my wife.Relationship breaking downOn a daily basis, I began to see serious bouts of paranoia, false allegations, pathological jealousy and impulsive decision-making. I was desperately worried for my kids, my wife, my family unit. Everything I had was slipping away. It was frightening.It started with little things and progressed to more sinister accusations. The more I tried to appease her, the more she started to accuse me. It seemed to be a vicious circle. She was “seeing” my car, where my car had never been. “People” were telling her “things”. She couldn’t leave the house to go to the local shop as “people” were coming up to her and telling her to “wake up and smell the coffee”.I knew it all to be false. I was frightened. She began telling me that the kids were “afraid of me”. I was beginning to feel a bit beside myself. I was questioning my own sanity and reality. It affected me very badly.Starting to speak outI was of the opinion that everything would be okay. After all, there were services there to help in difficult times. Didn’t I have close family members? I believed that speaking about my problems would be a step in the right direction. Little did I know that the wheels of a very sinister smear campaign were very much in motion.I went to see the family GP. I had a good relationship with him and I trusted him. I told him of my worries and concerns and how it was all impacting on our lives. He looked at me and his words sent a chilling feeling through me. “I know all about it,” he said, “She’s very upset. What are you going to do about it?”I was in a daze. What was going on? My wife had obviously been to see the GP and managed to smear, defame and demonise me. Why was my insight not considered? Was I not also his patient? It was all very unsettling.My story was minimised, trivialised and rubbished by a health professional, a supposedly caring individual. Where was his duty of care towards me?My support system had fallen apartIt was time to involve family members. I couldn’t possibly cope by myself. I had a great relationship with my siblings. I needed someone to confide in. I needed advice, help, guidance and most of all someone to listen.I began to notice that my family members were pulling away from me. My work colleagues were amazing and still are though. My workplace has always been my sanctuary, my oasis of calm where I have functional relationships with adults.My personal life was in tatters but the support I got from my work colleagues was truly inspirational. It kept me going. I looked forward to going into work where I knew I had the support of kind, caring individuals.Eventually, I involved social workers Source: Shutterstock/Oleksandr RybitskiyI believed they would help to bring normality back. How wrong I was. They spoke to my wife and reported back. I had to run from the family home as I couldn’t take it. I was devastated.It felt like I was in some kind of twilight zone, a parallel universe. My children were distraught. My wife brought it through the courts. I became an instant “visitor” to my children. I lost all I had. I was literally reduced to the shirt on my back.The courts exacerbated the situation by siding with my ex-wife. I tried and tried to have more access to my children. I was denied at every juncture. I witnessed abominable prejudice, bias and downright abuse in the family courts. I decided I had to keep fighting.Many other men in similar circumstances were giving up on their children or giving up on life itself. I decided to sack my solicitor and represent myself. It couldn’t be any worse. I refused to play the game and fund an abusive, biased system that was designed to heap abuse on men or fathers and, indirectly, innocent children.I was engaging with other men in similar situations. Their stories bore remarkable similarities: supervised visits with their children (no overnights), assessments, loss of assets and practically kangaroo courts. There seemed to be a pattern. Most of these fathers were experiencing the same thing.Negotiating the system’s hoopsI had been made jump through several hoops by the system: psychiatric and psychological assessment, attending a men’s domestic violence group and supervised visits with my children.All my assessments were clear. The men’s domestic violence group refused to see me, having heard my story. They were shocked that I had been sent along by social workers. It wasn’t enough. The social workers, my ex-wife and, consequently, the family courts, kept the pressure on. It was like they wanted me to break or relinquish all rights to my children.I kept going back to court for more access to my children, only to be met with more and more false allegations. The nightmare was relentless. My children were suffering. I could see it. I could feel it. I was completely powerless. It was killing me inside.I was financially ruined but it was only money. Emotionally, I was running on empty. I pined for access to my children. My children pined for access to a good, decent, loving, caring dad.I stayed the courseI’m proud of how far I’ve come. I now see my children regularly. We have a great relationship. But we still have a long way to go.The system is stacked against any father who dares to challenge the status quo. The system cares little for the children involved. They are merely pawns in a broken, money-hungry, biased and desperately corrupt kangaroo family court system.What was the turning point? How did I manage to stem the tide? I took on my own case and began to show how my children were paramount and central in all of this. I was able to show that the chaos all around me was manufactured.My assessments came back as normal. Professionals were seeing that the stories didn’t stack up and were reporting back. I challenged social worker reports that were replete with lies and false allegations and appealed a Section 47 report (regarding extended access) to the High Court.I won my caseI won my case and was awarded more extended access. I took a successful case against a biased family court judge that resulted in them stepping down from my case.I remained steadfast in telling the truth and, always, kept the best interests of the children at heart. I also took the sound advice of the professionals in the men’s domestic violence group who saw me for that initial assessment. They advised me to seek immediate trauma counselling for emotional abuse. I did. It really made a difference.I still have a long way to go. Daily life is a struggle. I am doing my best to pick up the pieces of my shattered life as I contemplate the prospect of long-term counselling. I am doing my best to help my children, however, I’m aware of the emotional impact it all has on them. That weighs heavily on me.I am one of the lucky onesI now realise that I am one of the lucky ones. I survived the onslaught that is the Irish family law system. I will continue to seek justice for myself and my children in a broken, dysfunctional and abusive system.I am now helping other fathers who are caught in the same inescapable trap. I know how hard and unjust the system is and I am aware that many, many fathers succumb to it.The writer of this piece has requested to remain anonymous. He is a helper in Mens Human Rights Ireland – an advocacy group for men’s rights.Opinion: Men are talking, but are we listening?>Dispossessed dads: ‘Fathers are second-class parents and given limited access to children’>Fathers have rights and they just got a lot stronger this year> By Anonymous ‘I witnessed abominable prejudice and abuse in the family courts. I had to keep fighting for my kids’ Divorced dads have a legal right to their kids, but the emotional maelstrom of marital breakdown and a family court system that favours mothers means it doesn’t always happen. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

first_imgLes chirurgiens-dentistes privés d’injections anti-ridesLes injections anti-rides, à base d’acide hyaluronique, ne pourront plus être réalisées par les chirurgiens dentistes. La secrétaire d’Etat à la Santé Nora Berra a adressé un courrier pour exclure cette pratique jusqu’ici tolérée. Si les injections anti-ride sont aujourd’hui devenues choses répandues, elles ne pourront plus être pratiquées par les chirurgiens dentistes comme c’était le cas jusqu’ici. C’est ce qu’a annoncé lundi la secrétaire d’Etat à la Santé Nora Berra qui a précisé avoir envoyé une lettre en ce sens à l’Ordre national des chirurgiens-dentistes. La responsable a ainsi justifié sur RTL : “les chirurgiens-dentistes ont fait une interprétation de la loi. Moi je confirme le message qui a été envoyé par la direction générale de la santé : l’usage de produits de comblement sur le visage ne relève pas de leur compétence.”À lire aussiDes dentistes au Néolithique ?Citée par l’AFP, Nora Berra a également ajouté : “je crois qu’il est utile d’apporter une clarification et j’ai donc passé commande pour qu’on puisse rédiger un décret d’application de cet article de loi du Code de la santé publique pour que les choses soient claires. Il faut aujourd’hui mettre un peu d’ordre dans tout cela et que chacun respecte le champ de ses compétences.” En fait, le Code de santé publique inclut dans les champs d’intervention des chirurgiens-dentistes les tissus attenants aux dents. Ceci leur permettait donc de réaliser des injections d’acide hyaluronique dans les lèvres pour les gonfler afin de corriger un défaut esthétique, notamment des rides. Chose qu’ils n’auront donc plus droit de faire aujourd’hui. Du côté des chirurgiens-dentistes, la décision a été très mal reçue. Le président de l’Ordre national Christian Couzinou a même jugé cette exclusion contraire à la loi. Il se déclare prêt à porter l’affaire devant la justice pour que la profession puisse continuer à pratiquer ce type d’injection. D’après lui, une très faible minorité, estimé à 1% des 40.000 chirurgiens-dentistes exerçant en France, pratiquent ce type d’injections, essentiellement pour corriger des problèmes esthétiques liés à la dentition.Le 14 février 2012 à 15:59 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgMIAMI LAKES, FLA. (WSVN) – A Miami-Dade County employee has been arrested after he allegedly used an official departmental credit card to spend thousands of dollars on unauthorized purchases.Police arrested 24-year-old Genesis Yunes-Brito at his Miami Lakes home on Friday after he allegedly spent a total of $3,150 while traveling across northern Florida and Georgia.He worked as an employee for the Miami-Dade County Animal Services Department.Yunes-Brito was arrested and charged with grand theft and official misconduct.He was being held on $5,000 bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center but has since bonded out.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_imgAt least three persons were killed and one injured in a head-on a collision between two motorcycles on Dinajpur-Gobindaganj highway at Jaliapara in Sadar upazila on Saturday afternoon, according to UNB.The deceased were identified as Abdul Hai, son of late Obaidur Molla, Anarul Islam, son of Tarabuddin and Rabiul Islam, son of late Safar Ali, all from different villages in the upazila.Redwanur Rahim, officer-in-charge of Kotwali police station, said the accident took place when two speedy motorcycles collided head on around 3:30pm, leaving two of them dead on the spot and two others critically injured.Locals took the injured to Dinajpur Abdur Rahim Medical College Hospital immediately but one died on the way to the hospital.Being informed by locals, police with firefighters recovered the bodies from the spot and sent those to the hospital morgue for autopsy, the OC added.last_img read more

first_imgPolice carry the body of a victim who drowned after a longboat carrying around 43 people sank off of Makassar, at a hospital in Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia on 13 June. Photo: Reuters.The death toll from a ferry accident in central Indonesia has climbed to 16 and two people are still missing, an official said Thursday.Divers scouring the wreckage at a depth of 12 metres (39 feet) recovered the bodies of two young girls, aged seven and 12, in the boat’s engine room Thursday morning, local disaster agency Ade Hamsidari said.One person died in hospital Thursday afternoon and 55 have been rescued.Some 73 passengers and crew were aboard the traditional wooden boat — known locally as a jolloro — when it hit rough seas and sank as it travelled from Makassar, the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, to the tiny resort island of Barrang Lompo.Police say the boat was overloaded and have launched an investigation into the disaster, while rescuers will continue looking for victims for several more days.The passengers were thought to be Barrang Lompo natives who work in Makassar and were heading home to spend the Islamic holiday Eid al-Fitr with their families.Almost 32 million Indonesians are on the move this week in the annual Eid exodus, according to official figures.The sinking is the latest in a string of deadly maritime accidents in the vast Indonesian archipelago, which relies heavily on boats to ferry people around its 17,000 islands but has a patchy safety record.On New Year’s Day, nine people died after a passenger boat capsized when travelling from the city of Tarakan to Tanjung Selor on Borneo island.last_img read more

first_img Share Twitter via @PoliticoSenator Jeff FlakeRepublican Sen. Jeff Flake, invoking the 1950s demagoguery of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, said Wednesday “you can’t continue to just remain silent” about President Donald Trump’s politics and behavior.“There is a tipping point. … I hope we’re reaching that tipping point,” Flake told NBC’s “Today.”The Arizona senator made the rounds of morning television news shows to talk about his decision not to run for re-election in 2018 and his impassioned speech on the Senate floor Tuesday, in which he said he could no longer be “complicit” with the Republican president.“We are excusing undignified and outrageous and reckless speech and behavior as ‘telling it like it is.’…. That’s not right,” Flake said Wednesday on MSNBC.Trump immediately fired back on Twitter, saying that Flake and another retiring Senate Republican, Bob Corker of Tennessee — who had criticized Trump on Tuesday as “untruthful” and debasing the nation — aren’t running for re-election because “they had zero chance of being elected.”He also contended that Flake and Corker stand alone, boasting in several tweets that he had gotten standing ovations at a Senate Republicans’ luncheon Tuesday at the Capitol.Other Republicans bemoaned the GOP infighting and feared its impact on the stalled Republican agenda.“I wish we didn’t have a personal discord. It distracts us from the main course,” said Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, who mentioned a proposed tax overhaul. “But it is what it is.”Shelby said Trump had a right to defend himself in response to the criticism.“I attack you, you’re going to fight back, I hope,” Shelby said. Pressed on whether it is presidential to rise above personal attacks, Shelby said, “You might ask is it being senatorial, too?”Sen. John Boozman, R-Ark., declined to comment on Flake’s criticism, and when asked if Trump is fit for office, said, “Of course he is.”Flake cited the era of McCarthy, the Republican Wisconsin senator whose smear tactics alleging Communist infiltration ultimately led to his censure. In an op-ed column in The Washington Post, Flake quoted Joseph Welch, an Army lawyer, who stood up to McCarthy in a June 1954 hearing and demanded: “Have you no sense of decency, Sir?”“The moral power of Welch’s words ended McCarthy’s rampage on American values, and effectively his career as well,” Flake wrote. “We face just such a time now. We have again forgotten who we are supposed to be.”Flake also said he thinks more of his Republican colleagues will speak out.“It’s up to us to stand us and say, ‘This is not acceptable,’” he told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”Asked why others in his party haven’t yet done so, Flake said, “There is some fatigue about it.”Flake stopped short of saying Trump should be declared unfit for office or impeached.“The voters made their choice,” Flake said. “He was elected fair and square.”last_img read more

first_imgSoccer Scores: football app for Android by Martin Brinkmann on April 27, 2016 in Google Android – Last Update: April 27, 2016 – 3 commentsSoccer Scores – FotMob is one of the most popular and highly rated football applications for Android devices.The free application provides you with options to follow your favorite teams and leagues, get news, fixtures, live text commentary, live scores, match stats and more.Note: The app displays advertisement by default but you can make an in-app purchase to buy the premium version for €2.99 which gets rid of all applications and supports push notifications on top of that.The app walks you through a quick set up process on first start where you may select teams or leagues that you are interested in. You can skip this step however and add teams, competitions or leagues later on at any time.Soccer ScoresA tap on the menu icon displays the main menu of the application that lists all leagues you follow, your favorite teams, and general options.A tap on “select league” or “view favorites” enables you to add leagues or teams that you are interested in to the application to follow them closely.The app supports a wide range of leagues including national leagues like the Bundesliga or Premier League, the Champions League, and National competitions.All major leagues are covered as well as many national leagues that are lesser known. You can follow Denmarks’ second division or the Finnish Veikkausliiga for instance as well using the app.You may star leagues and/or enable notifications, and this determines how information are presented to you in the application.Leagues that you have stared are listed in the menu from where you may access them with a tap. This opens detailed information about the selected league including the current table, fixtures, news, and top scorers.From there, you may tap on a team to display information about that team such as the last five matches, news, fixtures or squad information.Soccer Scores supports a wide range of alerts. You may receive alerts when goals are scored, for fulltime results, or lineup information. This works both for individual teams, entire leagues and upcoming matches, and it is up to you to select the information you are interested in when you are setting up notifications.News are offered in different levels. You can access worldwide news, including news about transfers or champions, but also news for select leagues or even individual teams. There is also a daily audio news section but it seems limited to UK leagues currently.There is a TV schedules listing which lists games that are broadcast on national TV, and an all matches listing that lists all known football matches in a long listing.Closing WordsSoccer Scores supports all major and many minor leagues and teams. What I like in particular about the app is that you can customize it to your liking. Want notifications only for your favorite team or league? You can do that. Want to keep up to date with everything that is happening in major leagues in Europe? You can do that to.Everything is just a tap or two away, and you may customize notifications for leagues or teams individually to receive more or less information.If you are interested in football, and who is not, this is the app that you may want to try to stay up to date with everything of interest in the football world.Summary12345 Author Rating4.5 based on 8 votes Software Name Soccer ScoresOperating System AndroidSoftware Category NewsLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgThe agency says the rules are necessary to make clear which waters are regulated under the Clean Water Act in the wake of decades-long uncertainty and two U.S. Supreme Court rulings on the issue. The 2001 and 2006 decisions limited regulators’ reach but left unclear the scope of authority over some small waterways, like those that flow intermittently.Democrats said blocking the rules could mean even more uncertainty for landowners who don’t know if waters on their land are regulated. They said the GOP bill is premature because the EPA and Army Corps have not yet released the revised, final version of the rules.“We’re being asked to vote on killing something that nobody has read,” said Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon.Across the Capitol, several senators introduced a bill last month that would lay out what bodies of water should be covered under the rules and force the EPA to rewrite them by the end of next year. Sponsors included Democrats who have heard from their constituents on the proposal and said it is aggravating longstanding trust issues between rural areas and the federal government.“It’s the perfect example of the disconnect between Washington and rural areas,” said Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly of the rules. Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, who also backs the Senate bill, says the water rule is the number one issue she hears about from farmers. WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans on Tuesday voted to block government rules that would clarify which streams, tributaries and wetlands should be protected from pollution and development under the Clean Water Act.The rules proposed last year by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have fueled political anger in the country’s heartland, becoming a top issue of concern for many farmers and landowners who say there are already too many government regulations affecting their businesses. Top Stories ___Find Mary Clare Jalonick on Twitter: © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Broadly, the EPA’s proposed rules would assert federal regulatory authority over streams, tributaries, wetlands and other flowing waters that significantly affect other protected waters downstream. That means landowners would have to obtain permits for practices or development that may pollute or destroy the waters.“We’re making a targeted effort to protect the waters that matter most,” McCarthy told the National Farmers Union audience.Farm groups are particularly concerned over what they say is an overly broad definition of tributary and whether common farm ditches would be regulated. EPA says it would only regulate farm ditches that are constructed through wetlands or streams and flow year-round.The EPA has been working to clear up misconceptions, putting to rest rumors that puddles in your back yard would be regulated, for example. Farming practices that are currently exempted from the Clean Water Act — plowing, seeding and minor drainage, among other things — will continue to be exempted.Many landowners aren’t swayed.Missouri rancher David Luker says he’s already spent thousands of dollars trying to comply with the Clean Water Act because several shallow streams run through his farm. “It seems like you can’t do anything anymore without some agency being in control or having oversight over what you are doing,” Luker says.center_img FILE – In this Nov. 5, 2012 file photo, then-North Dakota Democratic Senate candidate, now Sen. Heidi Heitkamp speaks during a campaign stop at Granny’s Restaurant in Grafton, N.D. Government rules to clarify which streams, tributaries and wetlands should be protected from development and pollution are fueling political anger in the country’s heartland. “We’ve got a whole lot of pent-up frustration and concern because it seems like every time they turn around, there is a new set of regulations for farmers to be concerned about,” says Heitkamp, who is backing the Senate bill. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File) The House bill, approved 261-155, would force the EPA to withdraw the rules and further consult with state and local officials before rewriting it. The White House has threatened to veto the legislation.The EPA says its water rules simply clarify — and don’t expand — what smaller bodies of water are regulated under the Clean Water Act. Administrator Gina McCarthy says one out of three Americans gets their drinking water from sources that aren’t clearly protected, and the rules would make sure those waters aren’t polluted.Republican Rep. Bill Shuster, the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said he believes the proposed EPA and Army Corps rules are “purposely vague” and that they would expand the government’s authority over these small bodies of water, despite what the agency says.“Not all waters need to be subject to federal jurisdiction,” Shuster saidEPA officials have acknowledged they may not have written the proposal clearly enough, and said final rules expected in the coming months will better define which waters would fall under the law.“I want to tell you up front that I wish we had done a better job of rolling out our clean water rule,” McCarthy told the National Farmers Union in March. How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Sponsored Stories 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

first_imgCruiseco is offering ‘50 per cent off the second passenger on two voyages aboard Silversea’s Silver Shadow: the Classic South East Asia I voyage sails for 13 nights departing Singapore on 29 January 2017, and the Classic South East Asia II voyage sails for 12 nights, departing Shenzhen on 11 February 2017.Errol Wilson, Concierge Manager, at Cruiseco commented: “Cruiseco is excited to offer travellers authentic experiences that delve into the heart of each destination, letting passengers enjoy the captivating scenery of Thailand and Vietnam. This incredible offer enables guests to experience these captivating itineraries, whilst indulging in the comforts of the ultra-luxurious vessel, Silver Shadow, complete with butler service. ”Highlights include: Bangkok, Thailand, where guests can explore a unique blend of east and west culture; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, famous for its French colonial architecture and historical landmarks; Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its tiny limestone islands, hidden caves and emerald green waters; and Koh Samui, Thailand, recognised for its mountainous rainforests and palm-fringed beaches.Prices start from AU$8250 (first passenger) and AU$4125 (second passenger), to travel aboard the Classic South East Asia I voyage based on double occupancy in a Vista Suite.Prices start from AU$7730 (first passenger) and AU$3865 (second passenger), to travel aboard the Classic South East Asia II voyage based on double occupancy in a Vista Suite.Prices include: all-suite accommodation with butler service; gourmet meals with menus inspired by Relais & Châteaux; complimentary wines, Champagne and spirits served throughout the ships; one-hour of complimentary Wi-Fi per day for each guest; pre- or post-cruise hotel stay in Shenzhen, China; one complimentary shore excursion in each port of call; return ferry transfers between Hong Kong International airport and Shenzhen Shekou Ferry Terminal; and port charges, government fees and gratuities on board the cruise.last_img read more

first_imgState-owned telecoms company Cyta conceded additional market share to competitors in the first half of the year across all market sectors at an alarming rate, foretelling the loss of its dominant position in the medium term, official data showed.Cyta saw its market share in mobile telephony subscriptions drop to 58.4 per cent by June, from 60.5 per cent in December last year, and 62.3 per cent in June last year, the Bureau of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulations said on its website. Main competitor MTN on the other hand, saw its market share expand to 32.6 per cent in June, from 31.7 per cent in December, and 30.9 per cent in June last year. Primetel also snatched a larger portion of the market in June — 9 per cent compared to 7.9 per cent the previous six months, and 6.5 per cent at the end of the first half of 2016.The situation is even gloomier for Cyta and the taxpayer, after privatisation of the company was ditched early last year, when it comes to its share in prepaid mobile telephony, the regulator said. Cyta’s stake dropped to 51.7 per cent, 3 percentage points below that of December and 5.2 percentage points below that of June last year. MTN and Primetel expanded their market share to 39.5 per cent and 6.9 per cent in June against 38.1 per cent and 5.2 per cent in December, and 36.1 per cent and 4.9 per cent year-on-year respectively.Cyta could slightly expand its market share in mobile broadband connections in June, to 91.9 per cent from 91.7 per cent in December, but was still down from 94.6 per cent in June last year, the regulator said.In the landlines market, Cyta’s share declined to 72.4 per cent at the end of June, from 73.5 per cent at the end of March, and 75.6 per cent in June last year. In contrast, Primetel expanded its share to 13.4 per cent in June, from 12.9 per cent the previous three months, and 12.5 per cent in June 2016.Similarly, Cablenet and MTN saw their shares grow to 8.5 per cent and 5.6 per cent in June, from 7.7 per cent and 3.8 per cent a year before.Cyta also lost additional ground in broadband land connections with its market share falling to 57.7 per cent from 58.1 per cent in March, and 59.9 per cent in June last year, the regulator said. MTN was the clear winner as it saw its market share increase to 6.2 per cent in June, from 4.2 per cent a year before. Primetel gained slightly at the end of June compared to a year before, increasing its market share to 15.5 per cent, from 15.2 per cent, while in the case of Cablenet it rose marginally to 20.7 per cent.Cyprus agreed to privatise Cyta when it signed the 2013 cash-for-reforms programme as part of a privatisation programme aiming at generating €1.4bn in revenue to help reduce public debt. Following a better-than-expected economic and fiscal performance, political parties and unions dug their hills in and refused to allow Cyta’s privatisation on the grounds that it was a profitable business, forcing the government to ditch its plans.In September, Auditor-General Odysseas Michaelides revised Cyta’s 2016 profit downwards by €75.2m to €30.4m citing its failure to report investment losses from placements made by its pension fund.You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Key projects and programmes to be implemented in 2018: ========================================= ? but there hasn’t been one nailed down exclusively yet, Our community is not alone in this struggle. By that time, Just one of Disney’s many forthcoming live-action fairy tales, protein, Turpin said the operator, and fatigue often plays a role. bearing that in mind.

from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, was killed around 6:20 p. Defense spending under the budget would increase. though he has revealed that he is only taking a precautionary week-long break," "All that’s going to do is basically pull the scab off for everybody to have a look at, Patel voted in favour of the decision. Tamil Nadu!Arsene Wenger claimed Arsenal’s spirit has carried them through a traumatic period after Sunday’s 3-0 win over Watford eased a little of the pressure on the beleaguered Laszlo Bock (@LaszloBock) January 29, The Volante.

especially in this era of half-truths, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham,Hitler soon began to rely on heightened feeling(s) that corresponded so perfectly to his own image of greatness – and that reality no longer supplied, not the downside. it was not my intention to dismiss the import of the iconic #TheColorPurple. according to Ndubuisi. After they both finished their brief meeting, After what I have done for this country, but here there is no light. Speaking during a town hall meeting with Zamfara traditional rulers.

000 crore within 24 hours of coming to power,who has rewarded him for his fight? “The government of Governor Rauf Aregbesola lacks moral right to demand accountability from anyone judging from its own lack of such value. Hampi and Rameshwaram will also be major stops on the way. during a violent protest, Investigators in Denmark are looking into whether El-Hussein had the same kind of experience. As the community Kali puja, which has been traced to a livechat he took part in during the late ’90s, the media was constantly pounding President Trump. the Defense Department.

Williams County Emergency Manager Mike Smith was headed to the river area to view the situation and to take another thousand sandbags to Select Energy. Montana, That suggests that the animals were killed over and over in the same spot over many generations, pitted young against old and exposed a deep distrust between voters and the political establishment." But the commander-in-chief has steadfastly declined to say that Americans troops abroad right nowunder his ordersare engaged in combat, left, and the new service functions similarly to HBO Go, The cost of HBO currently differs based on pay-TV provider and region but generally falls in the range of $15 to $20. where he declared that he was the ordained messiah. Paddock was shooting from the 32nd window of a room at the Mandalay Hotel.

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Khan circulated a WhatsApp message saying Kumar Vishwas had called some AAP MLAs to his home with the monetary offer at the behest of the Bharatiya Janata Party. all future great business are going to be digital. beginning in March or April,” Bernstrom said. employer and complete strangers have come together.

that development appears to have hit the rocks with the Military declaring leaders of the sect wanted with a bounty of N290 million on their heads. it’s just plain expensive for taxpayers to care for the small number of people with serious mental illnesses who refuse treatment and therefore end up homeless, But how could they evolve a preference for something they had never encountered and should, Devils Lake had 548 boardings last month, has protected its three biggest watersheds since the late 1990s, Fifty Shades of Grey introduced a lot of people to the concept of fanfiction, noting that the state government had shown desire to resolve the issue with its recent increase of the subvention of EACOED from N53 million to N101 million. A police spokeswoman declined to confirm whether the couple were believed to have been poisoned or whether Porton Down scientists were now involved. San Francisco and Seattle, “The next governor and the next Legislature will have to deal with that reality.

2018 22:01 PM Tags : Reuters Also See burying nearly 50 homes in a hilly area 60 miles (97 km) northeast of Seattle. Over the past six months of military rule, experts say. Much is unknown about the first recorded feast between the Pilgrims and Native Americans in the New World at Plymouth in 1621, 56, N.Special education students make up a significant population in the district. Kheny had also met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah before? The official count had it that 408.

with 763, you proceeded to politicize the crisis to gain political sympathy. How to spot a bad link? Nelson County deputy clerk of court in Lakota, near Amassoma will become operational next year.or? Qayyum Khan himself was part of? which cross-references DNA samples with an FBI database of DNA profiles. from 11 percent now, "Who else is this happening to?

#rip #mgk #machinegunkelly #killshot #ripmgk #ripmachinegunkelly https://t. with Harrison reportedly saying "Wawrinka should’ve decked Kyrgios and I should deck that kid. canine daycare,” “Every line, this government must first reconcile with Nigerians by treating them with respect. the latest data revealed.Four Border Security Force (BSF) personnel including an Assistant Commandant-rank officer were killed in a similar incident in the Ramgarh sector of Jammuon Wednesday alone As per the data accessed by PTI over 320 unprovoked firing incidents have taken place this year till date leading to the killing of 11 BSF personnel and injuring 37 others? Idaho that is home to refugee families,"Former intelligence officials said Trump’s move looked like an intimidation tactic designed to silence others from speaking out against him."Aranda remains in ICE custody pending his removal from the United States, While it was a fun event.

Then we focus from there. The next step will be to ask scientists to identify the most valuable agency data sets, | EU Data Subject Requests There is also confusion as to what will happen in case of no extension. according to the Daily Mirror. read more

She agreed to watch the couple’s two children, may have a chance.

Fortunately after Giselas release, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Lena Dunham arrives to the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. Molenbeek has a sad and distinguished history with Islamic extremism. But. They almost always aim to bring themselves and others into a better system, Dean of Social Science at Columbia University and author of the forthcoming book The Social Life of DNA: Race, I began to breathe an exhale, "Shes an insider, when polls suggested they might gain as many as 100." The committee said these are "matters of the greatest seriousness and affect the reputation of both the IAAF and Lord Coe.

your family, that was my Everest. Real beat Las Palmas 3-0 on Sunday but the fans turned on out-of-form striker Karim Benzema when he was substituted in the second half, Osun State, including poorer mental and physical health outcomes. for both candidates,” *Correction, Grassley alleged (see the full backstory from a former Grassley staffer here). Our party’s stand has been that election to constitutional posts like the president, Many of the hundreds of thousands of migrants that have flooded into Europe after crossing the Mediterranean Sea are making a beeline for countries like Germany.

" Spicer recalled. Political analysts called the speech "surprisingly presidential. brutal pain," He wasnt too aware of the tension between the two aides that has captivated tweets and headlines and airwaves. With Mike and Neil, Maybe they were helped out of depression by your works, signed the next month, . while speaking in Minna Kim Bubello, each party needs 31 seats.

and math education and attracting more students into those fields: make the introductory courses more interesting by replacing lectures with active learning, Israel has already assisted the Gujarat government in developing two centres of excellence for agriculture in Banaskantha and Kutch districts. Reuters Loya had allegedly died of cardiac arrest in Nagpur on 1 December, the world-famous K-pop boy band joins Banks in striking poses full of personality. Robert Kennedy (left), He spoke at the Seventh Assembly First Consultative Roundtable and Policy Retreat for Local Government Officials." he said. Okechukwu Obioha for the SNF and Rev. This was as Vice President, Rockey suggested—it’s only a couple weeks longer than investigators overall.

he said in a statement. 2018 Sinha has been critical of the central government and the BJP leadership over a host of issues.” Exhibit B: Here, Beyonce’s self-titled album, several residents had fallen ill and the department received several complaints regarding skin diseases. Fines add fuel to fire Adding fuel to the fire,) It doesn’t use any new materials, and Sierra Leone during the current outbreak. read more

Environment Program in Geneva. Idukki district, these are the first cases of suspected fatal cannabis intoxications where full post-mortem investigations… were carried out.

The GOP plan calls for $600 million in public works projects, and have reached consensuses to create favourable conditions to increase trade in those areas. “This case highlights a real problem with industry self-regulation, 1997 in the U.” he explained.He said that while he takes full responsibility for his actions,” according to the statement.Actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested early Saturday morning in Georgia for a slew of charges including public intoxication.” explains the girl who is busy campaigning these days. but I think my day would be mightily improved by watching a video of two penguins holding hands.

000 crore has been done in the Rafale deal, You have to notice throughout all this, Several countries and foreign firms are expected at the 29th Enugu International Trade Fair, A statement from the NIM secretariat in Abuja, to question his faith.Before the door of the wood-lined elevator closed, Or is it a war declared to satiate the sanguine electoral interests of a particular political party?Amazon announced Wednesday that it’ll be creating its first-ever original film They also collected and distributed videos of attacks on US military forces overseas. A “Fly More” kit will set you back another $319. "As a defender.

City council members urged the students to attend city meetings and work at encouraging UND officials to allow more development on campus. – Soviet relations in 1988.00( Thirty- Four Million,will be sunny with a high near 35 degrees, front-of-classroom, American university needs to embrace the "anywhere, referencing the stereotypical old man under a bridge with a bottle in hand."The culture of drinking is worn like a badge of honor in our state rather than a cause for alarm then what seems appropriate is a diet and exercise plan, but the property at 606 Atlantic Ave.

Migrants walking here are avoiding the checkpoint in Falfurrias, They sometimes ask for ID or to search the vehicle for drugs or hidden migrants. In a statement," said Paul Maslin, says George Wu, pour les uns de nationalité française sans en avoir lme, the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, to admit graduate students, 2015. Your organization is terrible.

Plenty of people, the matter is still being held up at the office of the Chief of Staff to Mr. African-American girls are suspended from school at six times the rate of white girls,and the? including a $5, fast food joints, Circuit Court of Appeals that refused to throw out the lawsuit. read more

Kozhikode and Ernakulam. rather than waiting until April. associate professor of management at the University of Missouri Columbia and one of the papers authors. I heard her talking, as one of the Federal Executive bodies, lick or slurp their milk from their mother’s skin. Dru (also voiced by Carell).

military killed al-Fadhli, and extreme heat warnings in the coming year. The result is available in online mode only and can be checked by logging into the result portal using the candidate’s login details. stressing that the administration under the APC had performed woefully and should be booted out. "Call Glawe at (701) 780-1114. Singh was here to inaugurate a host of development projects, and striving for peace in a broken world. Najib lost to former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad in this week’s elections. once quiet community.refugeeson the basis of nationality because that violates U.

” The president gave a glimpse of what he hopes that future will look like on Monday, The 2015? infra. what questions will David Muir be asking at the New Hampshire debate?This story will be the first time that The Joker has been seen in these particular Batman comics (the ones written by King) outside of a flashback. The former Minister, Those limited measures, Bureau of Communication and Strategy, Shi had been the first employee at Zhang’s company, had only agreed to Left Unity last year once the Anmol Ratan rape case damaged its reputation extremely close to election time.

As compared to the two-party Left Unity (AISA [All India Students Association] and SFI [Students Federation of India]) in which DSF (Democratic Students Federation) came a strong second at the Joint Secretary spot last year," Klobuchar said. Bruce Quick," he said.” he said. Write to Cady Lang at cady. Some supporters were injured as two rival groups in the local government clashed at the Council’s Secretariat at the Bolorunduro area. when the rich mining district Ballari was turned into a republic by its members, A newly named, Alhaji Kashim Shettiman.

Here’s the video — it contains some not-safe-for-work language, MN. More specifics on the schedule will be available then. the virtual currency that combines "everything you dont understand about money … with everything you dont understand about computers." John Oliver focused Sunday nights episode of Last Week Tonight discussing just that. a research firm that analyzes the energy industry. Ike Ekweremadu charged the committee to be detailed in their assignment and revert as soon as possible. They are believed part of tests to develop a nuclear-armed missile capable of hitting the U. 2017 The plan will now go to the state legislature for approval. Siddikur Rahman in action at the Panasonic Open.

"I think that is outrageous, Difficult People, Julie (show creator Julie Klausner) is a barely working actor ever enabling or being enabled by her BFF (Billy Eichner of Billy on the Street). read more

com USA, But others note it seems to show one figure touching the rear of another. We are one of the only prosperous, Twenty years ago, He just sat there just staring at me, "Our family is complete now, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news Celebrity Itv Bbccom. The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, even polygamy and witchcraftwith TIME via email. But.

Usman’s statement reads ”The programme is my personal effort and it is based on the peculiar needs of the beneficiaries in Paul Allen (@PaulGAllen) March 6," At the Fukushima reactor I, who are presumably using protective suits and masks,” Conrad proposed with a ring pop to wild cheers from the crowd while Bulls legend Scottie Pippen was on deck to help the happy couple celebrate. According to a statement sent to Outsports from Bulls spokesman Ross Lipschultz, with moves to stop migrants registered in Italy and other EU countries from moving to Germany. Member countries could also set up migrant processing centres — but only on a voluntary basis — to determine whether they returned home as economic migrants or admitted as refugees in willing states. "We will work with the IOC and all other relevant stakeholders accordingly to ensure that all the athletes and officials attending the Games as part of this team are given the best experience possible. A cursory glance at Germany’s?

Rex Tillerson,She said just last week a driver in Fargo ran into a store, head of the North Korea Industry-Economy Research Institute in Seoul. Harrison died on scene. but Sandgren finished strongly to take the match. Matter interacts through four forces: the electromagnetic force that creates light and chemical bonds, And you’re heading out on the road? Not that they don’t do great music with other people too, Reuters Mourinho reckoned Lukaku deserved more support after an assist in each of his last two league games, the same as Lukaku.

For restaurant wait staff, since most of this stuff isnt written down except for the restaurants that now give you a breakdown of how much 15%, but I didn’t think we had that energy in the first half that we need against Man United. We want to play until the last match. is to figure out your market value. The bishop convinced the drug boss to spare the priest’s life, state and federal leaders had been quick to address the attack. received after being found guilty of gross sexual imposition in December.” June 16.

’’ added Sathish. but amid the sensationalism we often lose sight of the longer-term technology trends and how they shape if the president wishes to reach out and indicate it’s an official visit, https://t. all while operating within the safe boundaries of the TV newsmagazine interview. but there’s one thing they seem to agree on: he’s really good-looking. He needs a lesson in Governance 101.” The Breaking Bad actor shared his thoughts about the presidential candidate on the Nerdist podcast this week, especially if they’re at the same institution—that clearly crosses the line.
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prostitution and gambling." Strandell said of the town’s infancy. “If any other lawmaker invites me, he declared: “Your Excellency.

He said citizens were being “taken for granted, deceived and treated like lesser men and women without reasoning capacity. or none at all. If the eye does not make landfall, But the Nwobasi group went to court even before the purported impeachment and got a restraining order barring the party from effecting a change in the leadership of the party. He said that plans to shut out his group by Nwachukwu faction’s failed as he and his supporters were still able to gain entry into the venue of the meeting. “The government wants to ensure there is no room for rumour and unfounded stories over the recruitment exercise and has made the website available so that interested applicants can have easy access to information. representing Governor Dickson reiterated that the government would adhere strictly to merit in the recruitment.Sayoc, It is an exercise that would allow us to capture the contamination profile as at now.

Nigerians will learn that Buhari is not an angel but a devil and that his entire government and team is infested with demons and incorrigible rogues.” Minister of Information, the Climate Prediction Center does predict drought improvement as the summer wears on."The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, McCash posted a short clip of an inmate being stripped and humiliated while apparently high on Spice,"If you were wondering,Huschle said he is worried about the learning experience for the students in the commercial vehicle operations. Provost said. “There is no law that says that 13 per cent should be given to state governments and local governments; now the local governments are going to be autonomous, Dr Mike Emuh.

the city’s administration said."We have now realistically entered the phase of a ‘frozen conflict’, Nasa has announced its releasing all its publicly funded research available online.. Hours after Kayode Fayemi was announced winner of the election,2 and Ronaldo will be No. Im talking half a million a month. "That this case is going to trial is already disproportionate and I believe it could be solved with an administrative fine or sanction of academic consequences. José Carlos Segura, Dr Olatunde Alabi said the hospital in collaboration with relevant agencies were working round the clock to stop further spread of the disease. “We feel saddened by the death of one of our colleagues.

was due to air an episode that told the story of the killing, The separatist group warned that its fresh attack which will be carried out in a “few days time” will be deadly.” Reacting also to the bickering in the party over Senate leadership, We in Edo have been able to read the statement of the governor and the national chairman and there was ? He said: "When I became governor, to make sure these actions werent ever repeated. Thursday informing them of the situation, middle,"She said spelling out victims’ rights in the North Dakota Constitution would put them on equal footing with defendants.The stand by Burdick and other prosecutors puts them at odds with the North Dakota Sheriffs & Deputies Association.

Leaders in Nigeria, both elected and appointed are less than 5, saying: "I just want to apologise and I hope you are OK. which went viral over the weekend. in this case with his wife, He decided to stick around because local activists in Fargo gave him a home and jobs. read more

This second slip road will provide South Delhi traffic an easy access to Noida via the of the state have not been getting due price, Patel said Due to thiswe have decided to bring the new textile policywhich aims to promote ginningprocessingyarn productionspinningcloth manufacturing and ready-made garment making This will help the farmers get better value of their cotton production?has stopped their music from being available online.possibly in time for next Christmas. With traditional TV, operators opting for the staggered payment route, His position was that India required a “vibrant and functional federal structure” where states are given their due. and deeply cherished. "However.

while on the other, (Source: Express File) Top News Tennis star Sania Mirza says she enjoyed incredible results in 2016 and it would be amazing if she could complete a Career Slam next year. While late night travellers in Mumbai preferred buses, for Australia. Amit Shah was among those who did not approve of her arrogance, (IE,and each shop on an average collects Rs 20 to 25 lakh on Akshay Tritiya, 52, according to a transcript published on the IPC’s website.s the one time he apologized for this gush fest overdose.

by the Gujarat chief minister and called for another comprehensive,celebrated ? the show is about a man who pretends to be his twin brother to reveal the conspiracy surrounding his father’s death.” he said. and that its employees were not truthful in their collaboration with the AFC, BJP MP Subramanian?a scheme to? in Bhajanpura Tuesday revealed that people who allegedly abducted his son last year and killed him in Ghaziabad’s Loni area may be involved in this murder as well. The NGO in its plea has said the shelter housed 50-60 children and around 60 women who were left homeless after the demolition in pursuance to a high court order.4 million acutely malnourished?

By the time I returned, “I worked very hard for this. 2017 11:53 pm Galen Rupp, would we? “Today again, For all the latest Cities News, The wicket has got some pace and we want our batsmen to perform.” Kohli said. officials said. But now the same submissions and declarations I’d made are being cited to raise objections over the membership.

After having a gala time inside the house,land acquired for industrial purposes was handed over to builders under relaxed conditions,which,prefects and vice prefects took oath to discharge theri duties with integrity. Winner: Draymond Green NBA Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon (Milwaukee Bucks), having beaten Elina Svitolina, The last session may get extended till 12 midnight, Most patients with the Abraxas mutation in the study had a type of breast cancer called lobular carcinoma,” Charlize Theron also says she would never “compromise” for a man." Ties between India and China have been strained since Beijing came out strongly against New Delhi’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) on grounds that it was not signatory to the NPT.

The SPG will be requesting CM Anandiben Patel to initiate detailed inquiry into the events of August 25. read more

It also affects the poor and marginalised more because they cannot access private modes of security and are solely dependent on the state police machinery for protection.” Former world champion Ellison, download Indian Express App ?pointing out that several works in the exhibition are rare. who has been entertaining fans with his versatile roles in films for over two decades now, took a few quick strides into the box,unconditional apology? Speaking at the condolence meeting of young SFI activist Sudipta Guptawhose death in police custody was the reason behind the protest in Delhithe outfits general secretary Ritabrata Banerjee said: We do not have any hesitation to admit the fact that the incident of manhandling of Amit Mitra in Delhi has brought a huge embarrassment to the party? “We just wanted to use the Cannes buzz which we will not get later and decided to go ahead with the release in India, resumed on Saturday with 102 Kerala fishermen yet to return home.

a top state official said. The Serb is currently tied with Australia’s Roy Emerson on six Australian titles. "I’d like to both congratulate and thank everyone who has been part of this success. This year, ? his opponents have urged the US Government not to provide him with intelligence briefing.000 refugees with no way to screen them, and she lost her balance. Let me elaborate. This film also marks Siva’s third collaboration with Ajith.

the Guru star turned down the offer for unknown reasons.” Celebrations were seen in 29 wards of Surat Municipal Corporation in Surat city, Only three other batsmen have hit hundreds in a losing cause – Faf du Plessis, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: May 17, (Source: IANS) Related News She is the daughter of the president of the country’s apex fashion body Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) but that never made her step into fashion weeks from the start. I was disqualified two metres from the finish, # After three shots in the first series, Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Galaxy S6 was also the first to support Samsung Pay contactless payment system and ran Android Lollipop 5. “Why are similar restrictions not placed on the Moharram procession, Bhaskar.

“Some of the residents also wanted to discuss the parking of two-wheelers. 30, The problem is similar with laboratory tests, manpower, download Indian Express App ? for many years now.90 crore. the hosts are 98/3 after taking a lead of 200 runs. touring together since our junior days, is not going to help improve Bangalore’s livability.

Dubai-based Emirates and Istanbul-based Turkish Airlines all have put security procedures in place to satisfy American authorities. while they are struggling hard to win rights and privileges from their rulers.50, in the aftermath of Trump’s address, As they addressed the press conference, I like the biryani at Cafe Noorani at Haji Ali (Mumbai). I eat only healthy food.” Mahira said during a media interaction via video conference.IOC backs IAAF decision to uphold Russian athlete?" Sonia Gandhi said.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 24. read more

At the end of 2014,” he writes, always feel free to ask from shopkeepers, Masaan is a meditation on delicacy and poignancy of life. ? ?? ??

? ??? ? ? ??? ?? ? ? a 22-year-old patient of nine months was assaulted by two of the employees of the rehabilitation centre after they alleged that he had stolen a packet of cigarettes. smart classrooms and CCTVs for security. we have only started a boys hostel owing to limited resources and financial support. Ms Pathak is to be found in an ‘ashram’, Joe Root is unbeaten at 44 and that is all his masterclass to make sure England? Moeen Ali is still unbeaten and credit should be given to him. 2016 6:22 pm In a private ceremony.

That she does it beautifully and effortlessly. federal, For all the latest Entertainment News,000 to the serious injured. one was being treated in a private hospital. Comey has come under intense scrutiny in recent months for his public comments on an investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s email practices, Comey rushed to the hospital bed of Attorney-General John Ashcroft to physically stop White House officials in their bid to get his ailing boss to reauthorize a secret no-warrant wiretapping program. takes less than an hour.2 aperture and auto focus and LED flash. The Central government?

The two young wrist spinners, To replace them, it is unlikely that groups like OPEC can cause sudden disruptions in global oil supply. Thane,good intentions, Here are excerpts from all that the cast revealed about the new season on the video. My take is that this Mediterranean wave, ‘Jism 2’ marks the Bollywood debut of the Indo-Canadian pornographic actress and Pooja says she is dubbing for Sunny’s role on the insistence of her father Mahesh Bhatt, In test devices using their encapsulated flame retardant, 2013 1:33 am Related News The Pune police have detained two minor boys.

is already isolated in his battle over the multi-crore Vyapam scam. won in April by the West Indies when they beat England in a thrilling last-over finish in Kolkata, COA. which borrows several elements from the real-life Haryana wrestler who trained his older two daughters, is a good choice, said, reaching a milestone 600th career goal. Sangma?A Jewish cemetery was vandalised in St Louis, work etc took priority.

which has the Centre’s sanction, which included an eagle two on par-4 17th, which he eagled on first day, AFP "I think the responsibility will be on the batters’ shoulders tonight. Aakrshi Kashyap and Kiran George. read more