Spring Festival is approaching, Huangzhong County Haizi black township village Party branch secretary Xue Jun was busy with the relocation of the village. Only tens of thousands of people in the village of black ditch hill deep ditch, harsh natural conditions, traffic inconvenience, every family to eat subsistence allowances. However, this year, the village will move out of the mountains, live in a new house. This year, Huangzhong will invest 9 million 40 thousand yuan to implement 7 villages to resettle the project, and the implementation of the whole village project in 30 poor villages, plans to support poor households more than 5000 households of 21500 people, this is the year of Huangzhong County for a run of 50 things.
to build vegetable County, Huangzhong county will invest 29 million 600 thousand yuan of new high standard of winter greenhouse 800, 6 million yuan investment in the scale of planting 30 thousand acres of vegetables, and fresh vegetables in rouchard town construction in library. At the same time, in order to increase the income of farmers, investment 12 million yuan in the Li Shan, Hang Lung mouth, Haizi ditch and other towns and villages to promote the cultivation of the whole film double ridge cultivation technology, investment of $1 million 300 thousand to train 2000 new professional farmers. And plans to invest 23 million 640 thousand yuan to implement the Tumen, Tian Jia Zhai Zhen pipe irrigation engineering. The implementation of the town has been the source of water emergency water supply project, invested 19 million 40 thousand yuan, the construction of a new cubic cubic meters of water tanks and 10.9 km.

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reporter in February 26th from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, in order to meet the demand for passenger travel festival, the Qinghai Tibet railway company plans to 15 days on March 1st, in Xining, Xining to the people and to the people, and to the Menyuan Menyuan daily to start the car.
in addition, for the convenience of passengers in the fifteen trip, in March 5th the day of the Lantern Festival, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will also be added to Xining D9985 passenger train, Menyuan gate to Xining D9986 passenger train. The specific time for Xining to Menyuan D9985 passenger train from Xining Railway Station to arrive at 20:55, 20:10 Menyuan station; gate to Xining D9986 passenger train from the station at 21:59, 21:15 Menyuan arrived at Xining Railway Station.
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for the implementation of the brand strategy to further promote the Huangzhong County, county, take the brand trademark Fumin Road, Huangzhong County Industrial and Commercial Bureau to guide and cultivate a number of measures to actively cultivate the regional brand. Up to now, the county has a total of 3 well-known trademarks, 6 well-known trademarks, good trademarks of the 25, the cultivation of trademarks of the total number of registered trademarks of up to 218, an increase of more than 2001, a total of 176, an increase of 519%. read more

many catering entrepreneurs to invest to join the chicken market project, Zhao Qingli DaPanJi selected, but the mass of resources on the Internet so that they do not know what the letter is good, so Xiaobian to introduce Zhao Qingli to join the market conditions and procedure of chicken.

Zhao Qingli chicken market conditions:

1, agree with Zhao Qingli brand management concept, risk awareness, entrepreneurial spirit; have good communication and coordination ability; recognition and acceptance of the headquarters of the management of the will and determination to ensure the maintenance of brand reputation and image. read more

Comrades today: the main task of the meeting is to implement the two plenary session of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the judicial administrative system and the anti-corruption work of the spirit of the meeting, arrangements for the administration of justice system in 2012 the city’s clean government and anti-corruption work. Just now, comrade Qi Yanmin read the Xining Municipal Administration of justice in 2012 the work of building a clean government and anti-corruption work arrangements, and hope that the party organizations at all levels to earnestly implement the actual work. Below, I will do a good job of clean government and anti-corruption work, and effectively safeguard the healthy development of the city’s judicial administration to talk about a few views.   
, strengthen the judicial and administrative departments and the anti-corruption work of the responsibility of in recent years, the city’s judicial administrative system in the correct leadership of the party committees at all levels and the competent department under the guidance of the discipline inspection and supervision departments, with Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "three Represents" and the Party Congress and seventeen third, fourth and fifth, the six plenary session of the spirit as the guidance, in-depth implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, conscientiously study and implement the higher instructions on clean government, adhere to tackling the problem in a comprehensive, punitive and preventive measures, focusing on prevention "policy, focus on service development and maintain stability and promote the harmonious theme of the work and do a lot of work in strengthening the anti-corruption struggle, and achieved certain results. Is to strengthen the clean government propaganda and education, consciousness of the majority of police officers and men against further improved; two is to earnestly implement the responsibility system for the construction of a clean government, leading cadres at all levels to fulfill a pair of responsibility consciousness is further enhanced; three is to strengthen the solid political popularity of wind construction, further improve the judicial and administrative departments and legal services to the social image of the industry; the four is to strengthen the supervision and inspection of cadres, cadres of self-discipline consciousness is further enhanced; the five is to vigorously promote the risk of corruption prevention and control work, to further enhance the work of the source of corruption. In 2011 the city’s wind selection activities, the Bureau of justice ranks first in the city’s political and legal system. These achievements, Party committees, government and judicial and administrative authorities at all levels of the strong leadership of the judicial administrative system is the result of the joint efforts of the majority of police officers, but also at all levels of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to fulfill their duties, hard work results. In the same time we should also clearly see that there are the city’s judicial administrative system of anti-corruption work in some problems can not be ignored, the minority cadres awareness is not high, do not pay enough attention to the construction of a clean and honest government; some anti-corruption system has not been put in place, the individual unit supervision measures are not strong; others attitude cold, hard work dedication, do not cross the service is not in place; the discipline inspection team is not fully adapt to the new situation and new tasks. We must take effective measures to solve them.    

two, to promote the integrity of the city’s judicial and administrative system of clean government and anti-corruption work this year is the implementation of the 12th Five-Year plan link; read more

In July 26th three, Xining county human resources and Social Security Bureau organized the four district (including the park) human resources and social security departments and personnel to convene a special meeting to arrange the community sector to implement the provincial and municipal government to preach Small and micro businesses support policies, the requirements of various departments throughout the region, vertical linkage, work together to further corporate propaganda policy, help enterprises make full use of, with live policy, and for the sake of the enterprise, help the enterprise to seize the opportunity, promote the development of enterprises read more

reporter from the province’s employment (migrant workers) work leading group was informed that, in 2015, in close collaboration with the Department of employment and education departments, I realized the initial employment rate of college graduates in the trend growth, effectively promote the province’s employment work. This year, the employment situation of college graduates in our province is still grim. As of June 20th, the province’s college graduates have signed the employment of 11486 people, the signing rate of 74.62%, higher than last year, an increase of 7.6%. read more

at 4 o’clock on July 15th, in a hospital room on the third floor of the hospital held a hospital integrity education classes and held a set up and adhere to the correct view of the work of the concept of achievements in the practice of the mobilization of the general assembly. Wang Dongchao, President of the Party committee, comrade Lu Guohua, vice president of comrade, comrade Liu Xiangning, as well as all Party members and cadres of the middle class and more than 80 people to participate in the hospital.  
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7 4, governor Hao Peng in Haidong, Huangnan research teeth with the highway, West Railway and other key projects. He stressed that to seriously study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s "71" important speech, adhere to the development of thought of people centered, unswervingly to ecological protection priority coordination to promote economic and social development as the main line of work, to fully grasp the construction of key projects, strengthen the support to the economic and social development and improve people’s livelihood and well-being, for expected to complete a well-off society to lay a solid foundation. read more

Small and micro enterprises to become the focus of national and provincial, Xining support, the rapid development momentum. January to July, Xining 1594 newly registered enterprises, operating income of $77 billion 100 million. Among them: 36 billion 700 million yuan of medium-sized enterprises, small enterprises of $35 billion 100 million, micro enterprises 5 billion 300 million yuan. During the year is expected to add 1000 small and micro enterprises in Xining, operating income, the number of employees grew by more than 10%.In order to make read more

July 24th, the economic and Trade Bureau of the Northern District of the city of Xining held a 2014 meeting of the city’s investment in the development of small and micro enterprises in the north of the city park key projects to promote. The promotion meeting, the north of the city has 7 key projects, attracting a total of more than and 70 companies.

in commemoration of the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding, and vigorously promote the glorious history and brilliant achievements of the party’s valiant record, the propaganda of socialist modernization construction, Xining City 71 West community held to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding and the first community in spring fun games".

April 25th morning 10 when, at the start of the games, the Provincial Basketball Academy of family crowded, huge crowds of people, area units, Kangfu family members, Family Planning Association, retirees, provincial Guard officers and men have come to participate in the games. read more

for the promotion of tourism ecological tourism resources, establish and enhance the image of tourism, expand popularity, in September 17th, Datong County Tourism Bureau for the first time into Jincheng Lanzhou, promote the county autumn and winter tourism.

Qi Lin, picturesque scenery, "Zhangjiajie plateau" reputation of the Chahansala River scenic area; majestic mountains and beautiful scenery of the 4A scenic classic mountain; have kite ditch scenic winter tourism resources richly endowed by nature; as a dragon entrenched in the the Great Wall Ruins Park Niangniang ridge…… Promote the meeting, Datong beauty, folk culture deeply attracted Lanzhou 41 travel agencies and more than 10 media attention, Datong is the national treasure "dance decorative pottery basin" hometown, also Chinese folk art — Qinghai "Hehuang flower" the birthplace of the winter cold, summer cool summer, beautiful ecology, the county the forest coverage rate reached 38.1%, ranking first in the province. In recent years, Datong county Party committee and government in good ecological construction and protection at the same time, the tourism industry as a strategic pillar industry to drive the economic development of the county to develop and make efforts to enhance the "xiadou ecological park, · leisure slow travel city cultural tourism brand, to further promote the" Qinghai province famous natural scenery and ethnic customs the construction of tourist attractions, has been successfully held the classic mountain flowers will be a number of cultural tourism activities. read more


good news frequently came the beginning of the year!

Xining, awarded the title of national forest city!

total area of 15870 hectares of Xining National Ecological Park (pilot) was approved by the State Forestry administration!

another Guozihao forestry construction project Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park is vigorously promoting!

implementation of the two National Park, so that green along the north and South and the extension of the three rivers……

for Xining, 2015, is the year of the construction of a sparkling! Is one of the most significant milestones in the history of forestry ecological construction! read more

55 year old Liu Shiyu deliberately wearing a dark red tie, Minzui smile, to waiting reporters to greet.

I went to the Commission 22 days, not yet full moon." A relaxed and witty opening, so that the audience issued a knowing laughter.

volatility since last year, China’s stock market, so that Liu Shiyu felt a great responsibility, but more and more heavy". He engaged in livelihood finance for a long time, people are not easy to understand the money".

"I have been pursuing the idea of little more than doing, but the capital market is required to be open and transparent, so as chairman of the Commission, it should be said to say." Subsequently, Liu Shiyu humorously used this sentence to express his understanding of the chairman of the Commission’s words and deeds. read more

Yesterday, the college entrance examination, the online marking work started. 9, reporters from the provincial admissions learned, according to the established plan, June 7th to 20 days before the answer card scanning and marking, June 21st – before June 24th to determine the lowest control score, June 26th before the publication of the results, at the same time to the art school examination institutions provide professional examination qualified candidates to cultural studies. In addition, this year to determine the various batches admission program.

* separately in advance admission batch (undergraduate): military (including national defense, public security (pilot), police, The Central Instituite for Correctional Police), public security colleges and normal universities directly under the Ministry of education of the professional teachers (including normal ethnic classes, ethnic preparatory classes), sports and arts undergraduate, navigation, Macau college, Beijing Foreign Studies University, a small language foreign language colleges, China Foreign Affairs University, China Youth University for Political Science, Beijing Electronics Science and Technology Institute and the early admission alone approved by our province colleges, University of Tibet in the province for six, the Party Committee General Office (room) employment enrollment plan, Qinghai University free medical students training targeted enrollment plan.

* for special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment admission, autonomous enrollment.

. The first batch of undergraduate course: "985" and "211" Engineering Colleges and the Ministry of education, I agree to the inclusion of the first batch of Undergraduate Admissions institutions (or professional) and ethnic classes, ethnic preparatory; directional enrollment plan, the first batch of undergraduate colleges in Tibet; orientation of non Tibet students employment enrollment plan.

*: the second batch of undergraduate universities and Colleges (Professional) outside the national class, national matriculation, directional enrollment plan in the second batch of undergraduate colleges.

*: the National Matriculation colleges in the province is limited to six rural students and Haidong City, Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County Hukou ethnic minority candidates.

. The third batch of undergraduate (parallel voluntary): independent colleges, private colleges, foreign cooperation in running schools and combined undergraduate.

* early specialist: art, sports, public security college; Higher Vocational Colleges in ethnic classes, ethnic minorities, bilingual classes, vocational counterparts, five years in order to develop helicopters; Shijiazhuang University of Post and Telecommunications enrollment plan; Xi’an Electric Power College Qinghai branch of State Grid oriented employment enrollment plan.

* (parallel): Ordinary College Undergraduate Colleges in college classes, independent college, vocational college, undergraduate colleges of Career Academy two college etc..

* Province vocational colleges for the southern four states, Xunhua, Longhua and other places targeted enrollment plan. read more

Korea Bibimbap delicacy brand what is better? Xiaobian also is the most characteristic of Han sangdoo bibimbap brand wealth opportunities. So what are the advantages? Look at the following Xiaobian for you:

huge market unconstrained

Han sangdoo brand market management is not limited, the flow of people and places to shop business, Han Shangdao love Korean stone pot cooking people no matter where to shop, meet the eye everywhere! Always popular! "Han sangdoo" taking into account the breakfast, lunch and dinner three big market, can do meal and leisure food, want to how to eat, how to eat, not constrained by the market, Korean cuisine Bibimbap to occupy the market terminal. read more

Green credit

reporter recently held from the Provincial Bureau of the province’s banking banking industry development achievements exhibition was informed that, as of 11 at the end of 2016, the province’s green credit balance of 195 billion 111 million yuan, an increase of 36 billion 434 million yuan, an increase of 22.96%, the green credit coverage rate reached 35.61%, the index is much higher than the national average, effectively boosting the structural reform the supply side and industrial transformation and upgrading, support the Qinghai green, low carbon, the development of circular economy. read more

6 6, 2009, the Commission will come to the good news of the 2016 Green Fair: as of the end of 6, the initial implementation of the project will be signed by the Qing Qing 394, with a total investment of 165 billion 907 million yuan, the completion of the signing of the target task of 92.17%. Among them, the total investment of more than 1 billion yuan in a total of 38 projects, accounting for the total investment of the project intends to sign a total of $54.67%.

since last year, our province by the provincial leadership led investment, departments, and enterprises in the park to promote trade, Green Fair this year to be contracted projects to accomplish the task of good progress, our province to promote the adjustment of industrial structure, promoting transformation, accelerate the implementation of the supply side to inject new vitality, new impetus to structural reforms. read more