for the first time, many things happen in the future that they have never experienced before. In addition to creativity and ideas, there are some basic business rules, if the start-up companies in advance to understand, then you can let them in the process of entrepreneurship, a lot less detours.

1, set realistic expectations:

BrianHamilton’s two son’s first idea was to build a web design company. But soon, they found that the idea of competition is that they can not make a firm foothold in a summer. So they changed their minds and cleaned the house. BrianHamilton’s advice is to start a business (especially first business) you need to ask yourself, "what is the easiest way to earn a dollar?" your first attempt, or reject all Create Company make up the idea of running, then you continue your business dream. read more

potato powder, just as its name implies is the fresh taste of this dish made of potatoes. Potato powder for a long time, and rice noodles, noodles in the people’s status in mind. Potato powder to join the hot degree is also very impressive. Xiaobian recommended qianlixiang potato powder, so delicious potato powder to join what is the condition? The content of this article is to introduce you to delicious potato powder under the join conditions.

delicious potato powder to join what is the condition? Delicious potato powder to join process read more

in order to meet the needs of the market and the business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, to join the project is very teimao, with market development space choice. The teimao? Not only meet consumer demand for the delicacy, teimao joined the project, or very business choice!

a, grasping fruit drink culture, good market prospects

Chinese drink fruit drink is the whole world to know things, teimao as a green fruit drink brand, it is such a market basis for the premise, teimao only with the development of the premise. The main consumer groups no age limit, all consumers will shop in the teimao stores, choose the most suitable for their own products. And overthrow the traditional drink fruit drink tea fine mode, only need to open the cup cover big drink, the perfect solution to the city now young workers in the fast pace of life, to taste the charm of the Chinese fruit drink problem. It is with this market demand, teimao can as a pursuit, based on the market, investors will according to the development prospect of the teimao, to follow the market trend and join. read more

is a beautiful 27 year old graduate student, give up decent work, give up high wages, striving to be the beauty squid. Near the Zhongshan Park in Yinchuan, Li Wenjun is grilled squid, she is a graduate student of China University of Geosciences, operating a more than ten square meters of squid shop. Store opened in May 20th, but with imported squid from Argentina, a combination of a variety of flavors, clean and healthy operation, the average daily sales reached 4000 yuan.

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market competition pressure in the growing, if not timely conform to the general trend of effective enterprise transformation and reform, will suffer huge losses. At present, Chongqing Yi nine projects in the financial security overdue, involving hundreds of billions of dollars. Let’s look at the specific reports.

reporter confirmed that, Guizhou province energy Company limited by guarantee easy nine Nationwide Financial Services Inc in Chongqing (hereinafter referred to as "easy nine finance") has 57 successful financing risk in the insurance project, to guarantee the principal amount of 283 million 840 thousand yuan. Easy nine financial official website shows that, as of now, there are 27 projects in the insurance overdue, involving an amount of $129 million 600 thousand. read more

with the maturity of e-commerce, many people like to buy online shopping mall, kitchen electric industry has a new trend of development. Relevant information shows that consumers have the following characteristics in online shopping kitchen power:

1. although in traditional Chinese society, the kitchen is a woman’s world, but the study found that the purchase of electricity consumers more than women, and married men.

2, kitchen electric online shopping consumers are mainly concentrated in the age of 18 ~ 35 years old; education to college or above; living conditions, and family members of the home ownership. read more

Wang is an imported fruit shop owner, the standard 80, has its own entrepreneurial dream, but also encountered a lot of bumpy road on the road. Speaking of their entrepreneurial dreams, Wang Guolin’s face revealed a child’s general smile. 29 years old, he did not read the University, has been stumbling on the entrepreneurial road, until the sale of imported fruit will be pulled out of the quagmire of entrepreneurship.

venture all failed


after graduating from high school, Wang Guolin had no choice but to continue to go to school at home all day, indulge in the game, "not willing to give their parents arrange to work every day, but also did not follow the prescribed order, Nadechushou craft to feed themselves", this is Wang Guolin at the time of their evaluation. read more