talk about QQ group joint function, will become network marketing tool

, if you don’t keep up with micro-blog’s big stream, you’re OUT,


, if you don’t join the WeChat public platform, you’re OUT again,

, you’re lost in the Marketing Marathon,


now, Tencent Inc launched another marketing tool ——-QQ group, if you have not yet acted, then your promotion channels will become narrow, competitors are suppressed, there is no opportunity to breathe.

QQ group features: read more

Hello, everyone today to introduce my SkyDrive experience, that is, since the establishment of the site, free SkyDrive to provide resources to download some experience to the user.

in the early webmasters station are using virtual host virtual host, good domestic with foreign traffic restrictions, no limits, but are not allowed to provide large file downloads, so many webmaster hard looking for SkyDrive, as a free download task server.

does not understand SkyDrive, will waste a lot of time in the process of looking for SkyDrive, I am no exception, groundless talk came, SkyDrive spent countless, now finally spoils, I think some good SkyDrive, and SkyDrive experience for everybody. read more


S60v3 download station is currently operating in October last year began, almost a year now, but the flow is pathetically poor, here is a summary of the experience of failure, give yourself the way to tell you as much as possible to avoid these problems that influence the development of the website. In general, this station has experienced too many problems, including domain name replacement, and then exchange, program change, Baidu included normal to only included home page, replace templates, etc.. read more

Acacia community: small community business growth process kingly way

, how many years have you been in the web? I grin, "my website is almost full.".

but I’ve been thinking about how a community should operate so that it can really appeal to potential users.

There are a lot of flourishing

community, but as a personal site, or a small community, want to make the world, such as Sina or ChinaRen, West Temple, the community is obviously not realistic, truly worthy of imitation and learning are small, professional community. My initial idea was to make a regional dating site, the theme of love and marriage. Despite the large dating sites, similar communities are rare, and one of the biggest attractions of my vision is free, and the other is a rigorous review of a real dating network. But in the process of popularizing this idea, I can not help denying it, at least it is unsuitable for the early stage. read more

I horse note: this morning, social investment website snowball announced the completion of $40 million C round of financing, this round of financing by Renren group led Morningside capital with the cast.

Fang told entrepreneurs &, I dark horse, said: "through its efforts since its establishment, snowball has established its position in the market for investors to exchange this service.". When communication and trading merge, the value of the community will explode. After a new round of financing, snowball will facilitate this integration as soon as possible." read more