first_img Letters Legal Discrimination?In reading certain letters in the News over the last few months and considering this year’s Annual Florida Bar Convention’s theme of “Inclusion: The Path to Unity,” I cannot help but be amazed and appalled that legal discrimination is taking place in law offices throughout Florida in the year 2013.I am referring to the numerous divorce and family law firms in this state that promote themselves as “men only” firms that outright publicly advertise that they refuse to accept women as clients. How is it possible that in 2013 that a business, open to the public, can refuse services to a class of people simply because of gender — that someone’s mother, sister, or daughter could be refused legal help because she is female?Thinking to myself that surely this must be some sort of violation of federal or state statute, I did a bit of research and did not come up with much. Apparently, in Florida you can open a law office and decide to refuse to provide legal services to any class of people that you choose. You could have a whites-only law firm, a Christians-only law firm, a heterosexuals-only law firm; the possibilities to discriminate in any way you wish here in Florida are endless.OK, since lawyers can legally discriminate against women, should they? Can a lawyer refuse to provide services to an entire class of people and be in compliance with the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct? Lawyers throughout the state are doing just that and no one seems to mind. Not only do these “men only” law firms advertise on TV, on billboards, online, and everyplace else that they will not accept a client if she is female, but many firms go further and proclaim to focus on “men’s rights.”Perhaps there are family law statutes that I have not found yet, but when I read Chapter 61’s dissolution of marriage statutes, they appear to be gender neutral with regard to property, children, spousal support, and so on. Men have the same rights as women. Not only are women refused as clients by certain law firms, but they are led to believe that there are laws specific to men’s rights that these “men’s rights” law firms are particularly skilled in, and no such distinction exists. A woman cannot even schedule a consultation to ask what an attorney means when they say they focus on “men’s rights,” because, by being female, she is refused as a client.Being female, I would certainly like the phrase explained to me so that I am not just presuming that the phrase “men’s rights” and the discrimination against me is simply an amazing marketing technique that preys on the stereotype that men will lose everything in a divorce, when that stereotype is completely contrary to statute and how family law judges decide cases. Surely a phrase that makes people think that the courts treat men and women differently in family law cases, coupled with discrimination against women, cannot be just an effortless way to make a ton of money from men who do not know the law.I was not able to attend the Bar Annual Convention, but the convention materials claim that there was to be a focus on equal access and equal opportunity for all within the legal profession. When lawyers can open law firms and refuse to provide legal services to the public based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and so on, clearly the profession in this state has a very, very long way to go to achieve inclusion.Kellie A. Cameron Baker Jacksonville E-filing I find it funny that if you go the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority website ( ), the only way to “contact” the authority is by sending a letter to its P.O. box in Tallahassee.    The E-Filing Authority needs to advertise its email address!Jeffrey M. Hearne Miami ( Editor’s Note: On the Florida Courts eFiling Portal page, there is a “Request E-Filing Support” link, which provides the email address [email protected] .) Admissions In addition to Florida’s Samperio case, I have recently read a number of similar cases from other states. Apparently, in all of them, the United States has appeared to argue that bar admission of illegal aliens is prohibited by federal law.Under the Younger v. Harris line of abstention cases, it has been settled law for some time that, even if a lawyer-regulating agency is mercilessly violating the constitutional rights of a lawyer, federal courts will not intervene because the sovereign interest of the states in bar matters is sacrosanct.States rights, comity, and federalism, don’t you know. Foolish consistency is certainly one of my hobgoblins. Bob Hustead Robbinsville, North Carolina Citizenship Is the Issue   Every member of The Florida Bar must take the Oath of Admission to The Florida Bar.  One section requires members to swear: “I will support the Constitution of the United Sates and the Constitution of the State of Florida.” How can a noncitizen take such an oath when he already swears allegiance to another country? At the very least, he has not been invited yet to swear allegiance to ours since he has not followed the law to do so.  We need to stop making exceptions and administratively bypassing our own laws to suit personal agendas. Are we a nation of laws? More importantly, as lawyers, are we suppose to be the stewards of the law?John P. Joseph St. Petersburg Two Bar Solution? The 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C., has come and gone in these pages, with little more than a letter exchange between two New Yorkers about whether The Florida Bar should take pride in the racial and ethnic identification of its president as an African-American.Attorneys of color do not seem to be weighing in on that issue, or any other with The Florida Bar. What should be clear by now is that the Bar has not and will never be an integrated Bar in the traditional sense of that word.The time may be at hand to start over. Perhaps there could be a two-Bar solution — two separate but equal organizations. Each would be an arm of the Florida Supreme Court. Each would get half of the fees, instead of the current arrangement. Under a new system, an attorney could choose to be monitored by The Florida Bar or the Alternative Bar.The Bar previously has been willing to recognize organizations for minority lawyers, to some extent. The Bar gave a whoop and a holler for Evett Simmons, one of its members, when she was elected president of the National Bar Association. Of course, neither Ms. Simmons nor any other African-American woman has headed The Florida Bar, and none is in sight to do so. And the Bar did show equal enthusiasm when Daryl Parks, a black male, headed the NBA a few years ago. But that is all the more reason to set up a separate but equal bar.On September 1, the News ran a photo of The Young Lawyers Division’s Board of Governors. I counted more than 40 faces. Several were African-American women. I did not see a single African-American male. Beneath that photo was a separate one of 11 male and female members of the Florida Muslim Bar Association.Elsewhere in the edition, among the 32 faces peering out from the News and Notes section were two African-American women — one of them had been selected as president, the other president-elect of the Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr., Bar Association. That’s the kind of organization which would benefit from a different dues arrangement.In News and Notes, there also were two black men — one is the ubiquitous Joseph Hatchett, the first black Florida Supreme Court justice. He was being honored by being given the annual NAACP’s William Robert Ming Advocacy Award. Another black male appeared because he served on a panel about “Voter’s Rights Act—Where Do We Go from Here?”Where this organization should go is back to the drawing board to take into account that the Bar continues to be separate and always unequal in favor of whites compared to others.Perhaps this time around, both The Florida Bar and the Alternative Bar can acknowledge that Brown v. Board of Education and its progeny are the law of the land, including in Florida. That U.S. Supreme Court decision was made a few years after The Florida Bar started the clock going on its history. Surely some Bar members were present and voting when the Florida House and Senate approved an Interposition Resolution in 1957:“Legislature of Florida denies that the Supreme Court of the United States had the right which it asserted in the school cases decided by it on May 17, 1954, the labor union case decided on May 21, 1956, the cases relating to criminal proceedings decided on April 23, 1956, and January 16, 1956, the anti-sedition case decided on April 2, 1956, and the case relating to teacher requirements decided on April 9, 1956, to enlarge the language and meaning of the compact by the states in an effort to withdraw from the states powers reserved to them and as daily exercised by them for almost a century.”Not only did the 1957 state Legislature disavow the U.S. Supreme Court, a majority of The Florida Bar’s own Supreme Court likewise condemned the opinions of the high court, and refused to follow Brown in . Today African-Americans are required to pay hundreds of dollars of dues each year, in part so that the Bar can investigate and discipline members regardless of race. The fact that a disproportionate number of those disciplined might be blacks does not seem to have crossed anyone’s mind.Perhaps some feared such tracking would reveal that a disproportionate number of African-Americans are subjected to discipline more often, and receive harsher sentences. Among the prominent black males I have known personally or by reputation, that would seem to be the case.What would be the outcome if they were disciplined by their peers, rather than the historically white disciplinarians?How would the Alternative Bar be structured? Local African-American, minority, and women chapters could merge into one statewide creation — at least for purposes of dues gathering. Then fees could be paid equally between The Florida Bar and, say, the Thurgood Marshall Bar for the state of Florida. The latter could maintain disciplinary function over attorneys who contributed to the Alternative Bar. This, of course, is only one suggestion. Other arrangements should be proposed and considered. Whatever will emerge has to be better and fairer than what exists now.Gabe Kaimowitz Gainesville Bradley Manning I became a lawyer because I wanted to stand up before a jury in a righteous cause. Well, there have been damn few of them, mostly becaue I am too much of a coward to find any.This is why I found David F. Petrano`s “Bradley Manning” letter of last month so troubling. What kind of lawyer defends a deluded, despised, disgraced peacemaker? All Manning did was expose our drone program and other of our ill-fated attempts at nation- building and swashbuckling.The court martial board didn’t find his leaks were disastrous, just unlawful.Manning most likely merits his 25 years; however, how about the guy a notch above Manning who will stand with him? Not “We the People,” “the trial professionals,” or even cowards like me. It will be guys like David F. Petrano who on judgement day will be standing there with John Peter Zenger, Eugene Debs, and Sir Thomas More.Charles B. Tiffany Kissimmee October 1, 2013 Letters October 1, 2013 Letterslast_img

first_imgHHS Secretary Alex AzarU.S. SENATE News: WASHINGTON, D.C. – Wednesday, U.S. Senators Tom Udall, vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Jon Tester (D-Mont.), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) and Tina Smith (D-Minn.), all members of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, wrote to Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Alex Azar requesting that the Department provide the Committee with an unredacted copy of the internal audit report on the Indian Health Service (IHS) management response to former IHS pediatrician Stanley Patrick Weber’s patient abuse compiled by HHS contractor Integritas Creative Solutions, LLC, within seven business days.The Senate Indian Affairs Committee has jurisdiction and oversight responsibility regarding IHS.“The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and IHS leadership have committed repeatedly to full transparency, openness and accountability regarding all issues related to IHS patients abuse generally and Weber’s abuse of minor IHS patients specifically,” the senators wrote. “However, recent decisions made by HHS regarding the disclosure of the referenced Integritas report appear to contradict those commitments.”Following revelations of longstanding abuse of child patients by former IHS Pediatrician Stanley Patrick Weber, as well as IHS’ failed management response to Weber’s abuse HHS commissioned an internal audit report from Integritas Creative Solutions, LLC.Thus far, HHS has not released the report publicly and has limited congressional access to a limited viewing of a redacted report in contradiction of federal law and long-established Congressional oversight process.“There is no legal basis for the IHS to withhold or limit access to its unredacted findings from review by the congressional committee of jurisdiction,” the senators continued. “As a coequal branch of government, we expect full transparency from your Department and the agency regarding this report and on all instances of employee mismanagement and criminal sexual misconduct. HHS and IHS must uphold their commitment to transparency on the Weber incident and issues of patient abuse.”The full text of the letter is available HERE.last_img read more

first_imgTHAILAND: Five Alstom locomotives operated by State Railway of Thailand have been fitted with MTU 16V 4000 R41 R engines to cut their fuel consumption and increase availability. MTU said repowering will prolong the life of a locomotive by up to one complete life-cycle at 60% of the price of a new locomotive.Series 4000 engines are available 850 to 3000 kW and for shunting, multi-purpose vehicles as well as main line locomotive applications. MTU expects the Thai contract will help it gain access to Asia markets including Vietnam and Indonesia where it sees opportunities to modernise locomotives.last_img read more

first_imgGolden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant wears a Finals cap during the trophy presentation after their 129-115 win over the San Antonio Spurs in Game 4 of the NBA basketball Western Conference finals, Monday, May 22, 2017, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Kevin Durant does not need to be told that Golden State should have a muted celebration after winning the Western Conference Finals.Durant is fully aware a tough challenge waits for them. It’s why Durant signed with the Warriors and why Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green embraced him at the expense of their own stats.“We have a bigger goal in mind,” Durant said.Golden State has a chance to earn their second championship in three years after sweeping the San Antonio Spurs with a 129-115 victory Monday night.The Warriors became the first team in league history to open the playoffs 12-0, which provides them with a week of rest prior to their third straight finals appearance.Golden State will host Game 1 of the NBA Finals on June 1 against either Cleveland or Boston. The Cavaliers hold a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals, but Curry alluded the Warriors are expecting a rematch with LeBron James and company.“We all know, obviously, who we’re going to play,” Curry said. “We’ll be watching the Eastern Conference Finals to see how that unfolds. But it will be easy to start this new chapter and really just lock in on what’s in front of us.”Facing Cleveland will resurrect chatter of Golden State’s collapse in last season’s finals, which saw the Cavaliers rally from a 3-1 deficit to win the franchise’s first championship.“This year is a totally different year, different group, different journey,” Curry said.The biggest difference is the addition of Durant, who left Oklahoma City in the offseason to sign with Golden State.His presence has given the Warriors a deep and talented roster headlined by four All-Stars in Durant, Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. But Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said to credit talent as the sole reason behind Golden State’s current run is disrespectful.“They’re really talented, but that’s not everything that describes them,” Popovich said. “This is maybe the best defensive team in the league on top of everything. So, they don’t just play with talent. They execute at the defensive end of the floor. On offense, no team is more unselfish finding the open man and that sort of thing.”The Warriors have shown their strength by blasting through the playoffs in the normally rugged West.Golden State is shooting 50 percent from the field while averaging 118.3 points in 12 playoff games. As good as the offense has been, it’s been the Warriors’ defense that has been key to their playoff dominance. Golden State held San Antonio, Utah and Portland to 102 points and averaged 9.2 steals per game.“I think our defensive intensity has been amazing,” Green said. “Overall, I think we’ve done a great job locking in on the defensive side, scrambling around, trying to take away team’s No. 1 option. That doesn’t necessarily mean the player, just trying to make them go to a second or third option in the set and also trying to cover that. I think we’ve been doing a great job of that.”The addition of David West and Matt Barnes has given the Warriors two more defensive-minded players off the bench to go along with Andre Iguodala and JaVale McGee.Still, Golden State coach Mike Brown knows better execution is critical in the finals.“We feel like we can play better,” said Brown, who is filling in on the sideline for an injured Steve Kerr. “To get to our ultimate goal of winning the whole thing, we’ve got to be better on both ends of the floor.”As a 23-year-old playing with the Thunder. Durant learned a heightened effort is needed in the Finals. Oklahoma City celebrated advancing to the 2012 Finals only to be steamrolled by Miami in five games.Experience has taught Durant that winning the West is no reason to relax or celebrate.“Yea, it’s a little different, definitely. I can’t lie,” Durant said. “I went when I was 23-years-old, and it felt like the Western Conference Finals was almost like the championship. Just getting to that point, you know how hard it is and how much work you put in to start the season. So, it’s a little different now, obviously.“I feel like we could definitely be better.”last_img read more

first_img The second didn’t take long, with magnificent work by Isco down the left ending in his cross behing headed home by Ronaldo.  Excellent work by Isco in midfield eventually saw the ball shuttled out to Gareth Bale on the right. His cross found Benzema, whose spectacular overhead kick was unfairly ruled out for offside. Ronaldo got a first-half hat-trick, but unfortunately it was a hat-trick of failed appeals, with the referee having none of his play acting.  CET Sport EN Carlo Ancelotti picked the same side that beat Schalke in Germany on Wednesday night, but they struggled in the first half in Andalusia. Frustration seemed to be the order of the day for the Portuguese before that, but his goal ended a month without scoring in La Liga.  Madrid were the better team but found it hard to create too many clear cut chances. However, when they eventually did, they were harshly denied by the linesman’s flag.center_img It took a while coming, but goals from Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo earned Real Madrid victory against an aggressive Elche side, to help Carlo Ancelotti’s side capitalise on Barcelona’s defeat.  Although the Frenchman was unlucky here, he got a break in the second half. 22/02/2015 Upd. at 23:34 When Ronaldo’s cross was cut out, the ball bounced off the back of Elche goalkeeper Tyton and back to Benzema a yard out, who tapped home to break the deadlock.  The win puts Madrid four points clear of Barcelona at the top of La Liga.last_img read more

first_imgBy DANNY BUTTLER IF THE old saying “follow the money” is correct, Laura Smyth will be looking for a new…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

first_imgAfter a scoreless third-period and first overtime period, Nelson got the chance they needed with a Columbia Valley defenceman fell at the visitor’s blueline.Piva jumped on the loose puck before roofing a shot over the shoulder of Rockies goalie Will McCreight.“I guess it was a little bit of luck,” Piva said. “When I saw he fell I got pretty excited. . .. I saw (Rockies goalie McCreight) cheating to the left side so then the top corner was open.”Dale Howell scored both goals for Nelson while Nicholas Wihak and Quinn Sobus replied for the Rockies.Nelson finished the game out shooting Columbia Valley 35-16.Ben Kelsch earned the win in goal for the Leafs.Nelson lost the services of sniper Andy Fitzpatrick in the second period after the Calgary native was involved in a dust up with Davin Burton to Columbia Valley.Both players were handed fighting majors and game misconducts.Friday in Fruitvale, Beaver Valley jumped to a 3-0 lead before rolling to a 4-2 victory.Tyler Hartman scored twice for the Hawks while Dylan Heppler and Aiden Browell added singles.Piva and Howell replied for the Leafs, out shot 35-26 in the contest.LEAF NOTES: The win allows Nelson to keep pace with the Nitehawks. Beaver Valley leads the Murdoch Division by three points over second place Nelson. The Hawks have won six straight games. Grand Forks is third and Castlegar fourth.  . . . It’s only October and the Leafs are already dealing with an abundance of injuries.  Nelson started the game with only 15 skaters before losing forwards Andy Fitzpatrick and Kolten Nelson during the game. The list out of the lineup include Jack Karran, Zach Morey, Noah Looman, Dash Thompson, goalie Jason Sandhu and Austin Steger. . . . Nelson, which did get defenceman Jacob Karran back from in the injury list, takes to the road for a swing through the Eddie Mountain Division. Friday, the Leafs face Creston before travelling to Kimberley Saturday to meet the Dynamiters. It appears this Kootenay International Junior Hockey League season nothing is going to come easy for the Nelson Leafs.Despite out shooting their opponents by a 2-1 margin, the Leafs needed an overtime marker from Ryan Piva in the second period of extra time to edge the Columbia Valley Rockies 3-2 in KIJHL action Saturday night at the NDCC Arena.The win allows Nelson to gain a weekend split in KIJHL action.Friday, the Leafs did not play well, falling 4-2 to the Beaver Valley Nitehawks.“We had a slow start but realized we couldn’t drop to play at their level so we had to pick it up a notch,” Piva said from outside the Leafs jubilant dressing room.”It was a tough game last night so to come back and rebound like we did tonight shows a lot of character on this team,” Piva added.Nelson dominated the opening 40 minutes out shooting the Rockies 27-11.However, the Leafs, squandering to many chances to score, were tied 2-2 entering the third.last_img read more

first_imgJohn Muldoon will captain the team in what will be his 274th game for the Province. Guinness PRO12, Liberty Stadium, Wales 24/10/2015Ospreys vs ConnachtThe Connacht team have a team talk prior to the kick off the second halfMandatory Credit ©INPHO/Ian Cook Connacht Coach Pat Lam has named his squad for tomorrow’s Guinness Pro 12 semi-Final with Glasgow Warriors at the Sportsground. There is just one change from the side that beat the same opposition two weeks ago with Eoin McKeon coming into the back row in place of Sean O’Brien who drops to the replacement bench. Andrew Browne has also been included in the replacements in place of Quin Roux.center_img Connacht team to face Glasgow Warriors15           Tiernan O’Halloran14           Niyi Adeolokun13           Robbie Henshaw12           Bundee Aki11           Matt Healy10           AJ MacGinty9             Kieran Marmion1              Ronan Loughney2              Tom McCartney3              Finlay Bealham4              Ultan Dillane5              Aly Muldowney6              Eoin McKeon7              Jake Heenan8              John Muldoon (captain)Replacements:16           Dave Heffernan17           JP Cooney18           Rodney Ah You19           Andrew Browne20           Sean O’Brien21           John Cooney22           Shane O’Leary23           Peter Robbprint WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img read more

first_imgThree legends of World Snooker, 1997 World Champion Ken Doherty, 1985 World Champion Dennis Taylor and Master of the trick shot John Virgo will be in at the Shearwater Hotel in Ballinasloe on Saturday the 18th of May for what is certain to be a night of fun and a bit of snooker thrown in. Looking forward to the night is Ollie Turner and he spoke to Ken Doherty on Saturday. print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img

first_img Ivel Kerr Mclean has long been having a positive impact in transforming the lives of residents in volatile and vulnerable communities in St. James, through social services. Story Highlights She tells JIS News that the award came as no surprise to her sons, who greatly appreciate her commitment to her work. Ivel Kerr Mclean has long been having a positive impact in transforming the lives of residents in volatile and vulnerable communities in St. James, through social services.The affable social worker, who believes serving others is her “calling”, will be awarded a Badge of Honour for Long and Faithful Service to Community Development, on National Heroes Day, Monday, October 15, a recognition she describes as very gratifying.“I am very happy about [the award] because when you work, of course, sometimes you should be recognized. So I am very happy about that,” says Mrs. McLean, who has been a social worker for 35 years.Born in Roehampton, St. James, the mother of three started her career at the Social Development Commission (SDC) in 1983, and has worked as a Community Development Officer and Field Services Manager.Her stellar work at the agency led to her twice being named Community Development Officer of the Year.Mrs. McLean describes her years of service as worthwhile, noting that seeing citizens’ lives being transformed through her dedicated efforts has been a great motivation.“I have [had] a wonderful experience with the Social Development Commission. Sometimes, yes, it makes you [sad] when you see persons suffering and the help they need, you cannot offer it. [But] when you work with the community and you see [it] moving and they [citizens] are empowered, it really motivates me” she explains.Mrs. McLean was instrumental in establishing a longstanding youth club in Canterbury and a police youth club in Albion Lane, citing these among her most memorable accomplishments.“One of my most memorable experiences was [with] Albion Lane, a troubled inner-city [community, where] I [was] able to get them to form a youth club. I [however] noticed [thereafter] that the [relationship between] police [was strained]. So I asked the police to let the youth club be [transformed to] a police youth club and I spoke with the young persons in Albion Lane [who] agreed. I [also] spoke to [members of] the Police Community [and Safety] Division, [who were initially apprehensive]. [But] I [told them that they could come in as there would be] no problem,” she recounts.When asked what has kept her on the job for over three decades, Mrs. McLean says attributes this to the opportunities afforded her to transform lives.“When I look and see that my labour [has] not [been] in vain and I have seen changes in individuals and in the communities, [those] keep me going. [At] the Social Development Commission, we were like a family,” she tells JIS News.Mrs. McLean serves as a Justice of the Peace for St. James, and also sits on several Boards and Committees.These include Board Chair for Cambridge High School, and Roehampton Primary School. Additionally, she is a Board member of the Peace Management Initiative in St. James.Mrs. McLean says she was taught by her mother to display kindness to others, pointing out that she has been able to do so through social work.She tells JIS News that the award came as no surprise to her sons, who greatly appreciate her commitment to her work.“They said ‘mommy… you really deserve it… and we are happy’,” Mrs. McLean states. When asked what has kept her on the job for over three decades, Mrs. McLean says attributes this to the opportunities afforded her to transform lives.last_img read more