first_imgApple has begun blackballing iOS apps that feature integration with Microsoft’s SkyDrive service, and it’s all to do with that pesky issue of subscription sign-ups. While it’s been reported by some that Microsoft’s own SkyDrive app is under scrutiny, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The issue isn’t the SkyDrive app at all, and it’s not about Apple wanting to grab a 30% cut of SkyDrive storage upgrades purchased through the app — because there’s currently no way to do that.The real problem is Microsoft’s login page for SkyDrive. Below the sign in boxes, there’s a link to sign up for the service. That’s a no-no in Apple’s book, as it constitutes a “link to external mechanisms for purchases or subscriptions to be used in the app.” Apple, of course, wants any subscriptions or purchases like this initiated from within an iOS app to utilize its own purchasing mechanisms. SkyDrive on the web, of course, does not.According to some sources, Microsoft has offered to remove “all paid subscription options” from the SkyDrive app. That seems unlikely, since the iOS app doesn’t seem to offer any such options. The help link within the app opens a web page, but even that doesn’t display any purchase-specific information.What Microsoft needs to do to satisfy Apple and help out third-party developers whose apps feature SkyDrive integration is to remove the sign-up link from the SkyDrive login page. And they don’t even need to do it for everyone. Some simple browser-sniffing code — which is likely already there anyway — could be used to ensure that iOS surfers don’t see the offending link. With the link gone, Apple should go back to greenlighting apps that use SkyDrive — just like it did with Dropbox apps during another famously misreported spat with a cloud storage provider.More at TNWlast_img read more